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Book Reviews - People attacking Natural Vision Teachers

I refer people to my teacher's books. I write 5 star reviews for every Natural Vision Improvement teacher's books, course's that I have read, attended that resulted in positive results. The best teachers! Recently a abusive 1 star book reviewer that has a personal jealousy for my favorite teacher Thomas Quackenbush and myself has (along with some friends) been clicking voting buttons on to lower the rating of 5 star book reviewers in order to get these positive reviews deleted by Amazon's computer. He and friends write 1 star reviews and also click to keep their reviews on Amazon. This is dishonest. They lie in the reviews. They are secretly business competitors selling high priced Better Eyesight Magazine for $300.00. They have recently done this to my review of my teachers book and two of my students reviews. My review is back on for the 8th time today but he and his cult followers will soon click the voting button as "not Helpful" to get the review deleted again. I have contacted Amazon about this and they are investigating this reviewer and the people he has talked into doing this. Please help us.

In the old days the optical industry, eye surgeons would do this. Now its corrupt teachers, authors that want to keep Ophthalmologist Bates books selling only for a high price. This 1 star reviewer has told me in person that people don't deserve to learn Natural Eyesight Improvement unless they pay a high price. This guy has posted under secret names on this forum in the past; Kazekage and William Horatio Bates on other groups, guestbooks. He causes arguments, re-directs traffic to his real name, websites. He tried to get me to give him a free copy of a PDF I bought here from David a few years ago and has robbed other teachers in Europe. Some people are afraid of him, tendency to anger, threatened to beat my teacher with a baseball bat and sends him weird e-mails. Tried to get me to un-publish all Better Eyesight Magazine books especially the free ones on GoogleBooks, our websites and went to my publishers to try and get the books deleted. I had to re-prove copyright, public domain 3 times until I finally told my publisher who I suspect was writing to them so now they keep the copyright in my file and ignore him. He wants me to sell for him and states he is the only teacher in the world, the best. He has a extreme dislike for my teacher Thomas Quackenbush and is very interested in how much money he makes. He bragged about a person he knows that stole a PDF from David and laughed as he told me that ‘perosn resold it for thousands of dollars in Europe. I am really tired of this guy. I hate to post this on the Internet because eit will result in retaliation on Amazon but the truth must be known. I have also posted about this problem on my website.
This is cruelty, arrogance and not what Dr. Bates taught. Dr. Bates kept his price low and gave free training.

Please help us stop this crooks;
I am asking all true Bates students, teachers, book readers that have read my teachers book; Relearning to See-Improve Your Eyesight Naturally! to click the voting button on my review so it overrides the 1 star abusive reviewers clicks. Only a few clicks will stop him from being able to delete the review. I am asking for honesty; if you read the book and agree with my review; Please click the voting button on the bottom of my review as; Was this review helpful to you? Click the Yes button if you agree.

To find the review; scroll down this page to Mary I. Oliver's (Author's Pen Name Clark Night) review. Remember; be honest. If you don't like the review, ok, that’s your opinion but I have great faith in this book, the teacher and the people that have read it;

If you don't see the review it means he beat us in time and got it deleted again. Re-check it in a few hours or the next day and click quickly hopefully before him. Just a few clicks will preserve the review.

You may also view the book free on Googlebooks if you have not read it; <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->?[url]id=z8ztddDAraIC&printsec=frontcover&dq=relearning+to+see&source=bl&ots=F0aXQ2KNuF&sig=Z7HSwVTuhXLhUznxBmUtLrDkyvI&hl=en&
Also consider writing you own review of this book and the authors other book on Amazon.
Review is deleted already! Just posted it this morning!
Here's the review if anyone wants to check out my teacher's book;

The Best Book, Teacher! Eyesight still clear age 55 1/2,

I attended the Author Thomas Quackenbush's Natural Vision Improvement class in 1999 in San Francisco, CA after reading, studying his book 'Relearning To See-Improve Your Eyesight Naturally' in 1997. Later I read his 2nd book 'Better Eyesight, The Complete Magazines of William H. Bates' (The Ophthalmologist that discovered Natural Eyesight Improvement) when it was published in 2001. He has taught Natural Eyesight Improvement since 1983, trained thousands of students and hundreds of teachers.

My present age is 55. I have used the Bates Method since 1974, age 17 to keep my eyesight clear. In 1996 at age 40 I developed unclear close, reading vision; small print, objects at about 7 inches and closer were blurry. I tried the usual Bates Method of Natural Eyesight Improvement and it worked. I began searching for books on the subject and in 1997 purchased, studied Mr. Quackenbush's book. The vision then went from 20/20 with occasional fluctuation to 20/30, 40 to clearer than 20/20 at close and far distances maintaining that clarity to my present age.

I had to check out this teacher! I attended his class in 1999. This resulted in the clearest eyesight I have ever experienced; 20/10 which is better than 20/20; seeing the smallest line on the bottom of the eyechart clear at 20 feet. Sometimes the eyesight is clearer; 40/10; 40 feet away-see the letters on the bottom line of the eye chart clear and smaller letters. (Usually 20/20-30/10 is the best I get due to working on a computer 5-10 hours a day.)
I can see fine details, crystal clear eyesight. I remember easily seeing a homeless man in our neighborhood 5 blocks away down Grand Avenue in So. San Francisco. Recognized details of his face, beard, hat, cloths. At night I can look across the street in the dark and see people clear through a window in the far end of a lighted building. Objects outside in low light are clear and I can see the craters on the moon. No glare around lights at night, eyes are comfortable in bright sunlight without sunglasses.
This method also cured Presbyopia at age 40. I could read small print before, but now can read tiny fine print clear! Can see fine print clear from 1-3 feet away and farther and up close to the eyes at 8, 6, 3, 2, 1 inches from the eyes. Can also do a natural magnifying effect placing a small object or tiny fine print up close to the eyes, 1/4th inch almost touching the eyelashes and see it clear; like when I was a kid and would look at a clear colored marble close to the eye and see tiny parts inside the glass or like a jeweler does when inspecting a diamond but without the magnifying glass. I practice reading the fine print as Dr. Bates describes and shifting point to point, tiny part to tiny part on the details in the small stones Mr. Quackenbush gave us in his class or on a flower, leaf, piece of cloth...

I continue to use this natural eyesight method and the fine print directions to keep my reading, close vision clear.
Sept, 2012; age 55 1/2 and it still works, the method keeps the vision clear close and far!

This book, method IS NOT EYE EXEXERCISES. The person applies use of normal eye function; relaxed, easy, natural vision habits all the time, all day long. With some practice, this occurs on its own, the normal eye, visual system function occurring automatically, maintaining clear eyesight.

Before taking the class, reading this book I only understood, used basic shifting; moving the eyes, (visual attention) side to side, top and bottom on an object to see it clear.
After learning from this author, teacher; I understood that the eye shifts freely, not in a repetitive, controlled, limited pattern and; tiny shifting, saccades also occurs on small parts, fine details of objects. The author makes this easy by teaching `Sketching, Brushing'. The eyes use central-fixation (centralization) with shifting; 'using the eyes fovea centralis' (which is in the back of the eye, center of the macula, in the retina), moving the eyes central field from small part to small part (point to point) on objects. This is the normal function of the eyes. Imitating, practicing this returns the eyes, eyesight to normal function.
Shifting, centralization... is applied all the time as easy relaxed habits.

Go to Chapter 9, Part 3 to dive right into Natural Eyesight Improvement training; the three principles of Natural Vision.
Then to Chapter 12, Part 4; the three habits of Natural Vision.
Then to Chapter 15 for the summary.

Relaxation, Palming, Memory, Imagination; In the class we practiced a relaxation, memory, imagination method called `Palming'. The students sat in the class and closed, covered their eyes with the palms of their hands as described by the teacher.
We imagined, visualized a story using the memory, imagination to describe what subjects, objects we were thinking about. Each student creates their own addition to the imaginary story.
A man from India that was sitting next to me in line talked about imagining he was in the jungle having a great time investigating the different plants, animals, the river, water falls, all in color, motion, seeing objects clear at close, middle, far distances, hearing the wind blow through the trees, bird calls, feeling the wind, warmth of the sun, touching objects, seeing, feeling their texture, shape...
Then my turn came to continue the story and I said I was upset with him because I was in my big stone chair in the woods relaxing, looking at the colored details in the stones and he was there feeding the wild animals, attracting tigers, monkeys... to my secret hideout. I could see the orange, yellow and black strips on the tiger, his face, whiskers, eyes, tail swaying. He crawled up on the rock with me and ate a sandwich the man gave him and then took a nap. He purred like a kitty cat. The sun sparkled on his fur as the breeze passed through it.
Each person added to the story as we traveled in our minds, imagination. When we uncovered and opened our eyes the eyesight was clear or improved and the relaxation remained long after class. I could return to it anytime I felt stress, strain. Improving the memory, imagination, relaxation improves the clarity of eyesight.

The book, course also improved my ability to relax, my memory, imagination, mental clarity, function, sense of well being and self-respect. I quit a dangerous job in a hotel that was causing much stress.

More than eyesight improvement, this is a stress reduction class. Relaxed breathing is taught. Relaxation of the shoulders, neck, correct posture, clear eyesight at the computer, healthy full spectrum sunlight, indoor light, how to work with a eye doctor to obtain freedom from glasses, obtain weaker prescriptions if needed for safe legal driving, work... as the vision reverses back to clear and other information is included.

The Bates method also corrected a wandering eye, double vision, blur and astigmatism condition I experienced in 2009-2011 due to a neck and back injury caused by a dishonest chiropractor throwing my neck, spine, hip, vertebrae, bones out of alignment, mis-aligned neck vertebrae C-1, 2, 4, 6, others along the shoulder area, T1... and the spine then trying to sell me 240 treatments to start and stating I will never be cured. It was like being in a car accident; nerve, cartilage and other injuries, a whiplash like effect. Over 2 years I finally found a new, honest doctor, physical therapist and healing is now 90% although the injury in the neck may always be there so I have to be careful lifting, over straining the neck typing... Natural Eyesight Improvement brought the vision back to 100% clear!

I am grateful for the Natural Vision Improvement knowledge Mr. Quackenbush has taught me. It keeps the eyesight clear for life even under very adverse conditions! The body can heal and with correct practices healing is faster, maintained. This also pertains to eyesight.

I consider another main reason my eyesight never remained impaired in younger life and now is due to not wearing eyeglasses. In elementary and high school my mother bought glasses for me on advice of a nurse. I refused to wear them due to the pain, tension they caused and noticing the eyesight would be worse after wearing the glasses. Thankfully I had a nice mother and teacher. I was allowed to sit closer to the blackboard, without glasses and the distant vision improved on its own. Stress, strain, reading unfamiliar distant letters... can affect the sight. Teachers should realize this. I also think studies done on the computer should be printed out to avoid constant reading on the computer screen and other devices which can lower the vision. Refused to wear eyeglasses, the eye doctors could not prescribe for me because the vision improved with use of the Bates Method.

I would have posted a review years ago but was a low income person, no access to internet; never heard of until a few years ago.

Feb, 2012 - buying another copy of this book to send to a friend. My friend has improved his vision. Mr. Quackenbush's book has helped many of my friends, people I meet in the grocery store, at work, the train station. We do sunning and shift on the eyechart, trees, railroad tracks... waiting for the train into Boston.

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