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Training regimine
Hello everybody, around a year and a half ago I came across the bates method and became very interested. I decided to immediately take off my glasses and was all about relaxation. After a few weeks I got used to it and I haven't worn glasses since. Recently, I went to the optometrist and found out that my eyes are are around 1-1.50 diopters (nearsighted), however I am not sure if there has been any improvement or not. I have noticed that particularly I can see the leaves on trees very well.

Now that I have come back to vision improvement I have been reading the materials again and have been giving them a good amount of thought to further my understanding of the material. I just read through David's Blog and really identified with some of the material (especially the idea of myopia being more of an attention disorder than anything else, which fits me very well) but I was wondering to myself..

What kind of training regimine would be best? I am thinking of starting with around 15-30 minutes at an eye-chart each day, with other exercises that I could perform throughout the day. I am sure that once I am able to perform exercises with positive results (such as clear flashes) I will be able to deduce what type of training would work best, but as it stands now I am unsure of how to go about it at the start. Anyone who has been through vision improvement have any tips?
Tsukiomi, congratulations on going without glasses successfully, as many people aren't willing to take this step. You have to take the lead in your practice, as there is no routine which works for everyone. Yes, do some eye chart "work" (keep it more like play!), and also experiment with palming, perhaps adding some Long Swings, and keep doing what gives you the most benefit. Also just be aware of how you're using your eyes when you're moving through your normal day. Ideally you can do "vision practice" anywhere during any activity.

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