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When you must shift quickly
Welcome, ted!

You can start out by taking longer on each point to get the idea of it, but after that speed up. There's no need to slow the movement of your attention except to better examine what you're doing.

Your attention has to lead and let your eyes follow. You can go through the motions of moving your eyes, but it doesn't do much good. Your attention can't be faked, and that's what has to move. In order for your attention to be engaged, you have to think about what you're looking at and have some kind of interest in it. Part of that is visualizing. You can visualize the detail you're looking at, such as what some details of the bird you're watching should be, or might be. Or you can imagine there might be other birds in the branches of the tree that the bird just disappeared into, and in doing that you're visualizing and moving your attention to other spots in the tree. Wondering and imagining what might be there, in as much detail as you can manage in a short moment, is how you move your attention, because if you already know what's there and have no reason to think about it then there's no reason to move your attention or your eyes and you would be just forcing your eyes to move without rhyme or reason. It needs to be an integrated visual perception process. So instead of taking control of your eyes, you're taking control of your mind, and it takes control of your eyes.

Bruce Lee described something like this. He mastered the quick movement of his body to the point where all he had to do was think, and his body moved as quickly as his thought appeared. His mind and body became one. But that's an extreme example, and it's a simple task within the reach of everyone to get their mind and eyes connected better to see clearly.

Visualization is something I haven't added to the David's Method article yet. I guess the reason for that is I didn't have a very good idea of how it should fit in until now.
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