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Support your Forum
I don't know if I am out of line by suggesting this;

I notice many other Groups, Forums ask for a donation. David does not. He sell items at his store for fitness, exercise, weights... and has Natural Vision Teachers books listed for sale by clicking through to Amazon.
(The fitness store business reminds me of Bernarr MacFadden, one of the first physical fitness teachers and he went into writing about the Bates Method by studying with Dr. Bates.) Check out Davids fitness store first when looking for equipment.

Also; I think, am not sure; if you want to buy something on, if you click any product through this website to go to Amazon; David gets a commission even if you buy a different product on Amazon; cloths, vitamins...

The commission is only .25 to $1.00.., depending on what the person buys but it can add up and pay for this website, Forum to remain for our children, grandchildren long after we have passed on to the after-life.

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