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fear of being seen
Today after 1 year and a half I was walking in the town with my full prescription. Firstly I thought it´d be great to see well and it was BUT I also had very uncomfortable feeling of being seen.
I think it may be the reason why I become myopic.
When I see blurry I feel save because I dont see people how they look at me and when I can see them it kind of scares me. I can compare it to the feeling of being undress or not hidden.
It is very psychological because they always see me the same way Smile
Yes, I have had this too, still have some of it. Here are a few posts from my blog on it and if you search you can probably find more. Be gentle with yourself and know your sensitivity is a gift, not a curse. (I am talking to myself here too.)
I have the exact same problem. I'm working on making more eye contact these days, taking it a little at a time. I feel silly saying this, but I didn't realize how normal it is to make eye contact until I started trying it and noticed that I didn't get too many weird looks (I did get some, but I just assumed that they were from people like myself who feel uncomfortable with making eye contact).
I experience this in class if I am sitting at or near the front row. It's almost a feeling of not wanting to move my gaze around so as to not distract the people behind me. It's weird. But today I allowed my gaze to move to the teacher or to the board depending on where my attention wanted to go. It's sort of new to me, allowing my gaze to follow my attention, so it feels a bit exciting. But, it also feels like a relief to do it.

I think you have to just realize that you are going to do whatever it takes to improve your vision and improve your mind, even if that means people may look at you in a different way than before. All good changes have unseen consequences. These one's, I would say, are good consequences.That's just my personal thoughts.
I thought it was just me!

I feel the exact same way you do. I really need to get out of this habit of "if it's blurry, I'm safe" thing.
Oh so you all know what I´m talking about. I am so glad Big Grin
Nancy thanks for the links. This is a food for thought. I like "If I make the commitment to see clearly, it includes the commitment to let myself be seen, which has been difficult for me in the past." and “being seen for who I really am”

I will try to work on it. Sentences as : I am seen and I feel comfortable may be helpful. Or walking straight not hunchbacked. But I´m affraid it´s hard to change a myopic personality.
I think it is also connected with low self-confidence.


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