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What motivated you to improve your vision so much?
I guess that's the question. A lot of dedication and motivation seems to be required for this process to happen. It's easy for me nowadays to keep up my belief/desire/striving toward improvement, but it wasn't always. Not wearing glasses, noticing how that makes me more relaxed, reading about other's great improvements, and the realization that I can live just fine without glasses have been my motivations.
What were/are yours?
well... the obvious motivator, of course.... i don't like glasses. they get lost, bent, broken, smudgy, uneven, yada, yada,... i hated it when it was raining...

i've moved away from things artificial over the years. glasses are not natural. they are fabricated to treat a symptom. seemed better to me to find and work on the cause. so the glasses went away.

oh, and the cost! yeesh!

be well,

Interesting question. For me, the reason for my motivation has changed over time. The one that comes to mind first is just the thought of 20/20 vision. When I realized how dependent I was on glasses and how I couldn't even see perfectly with them on, I just really wanted to get to 20/20. Of course, this thought was a trap in itself, since it often made me want to force what I could not.

Lately, it's shifted a bit. I've told a lot of people about the Bates method, many of whom are a little skeptical, but who tell me that they'd like to hear back from me if and when I do improve my vision. Obviously, that's a motivator.

And when I hit those low points, it's pure logic that keeps me afloat. For me, there's no reason to quit. I can commit more time or I can commit less, but regardless, I can always keep the ideas and principles of vision improvement in the back of my mind. It costs me practically nothing to remind myself not to put excessive stress on the eyes, so why not?

Perhaps the single greatest motivator for me is just the process. I've stuck with the Bates method for a while, and there have been many memories and lessons along the way. I love learning, and I love how all I have to do to learn a little more about myself and others is to be aware. Just having that sense of purpose and aiming for a long-term goal helps me remain even-keel, even when other aspects of my life aren't going well.

I think that people who think the Bates method and vision improvement in general is about vision alone are missing out on all of the learning and self-discovery involved in the process. The reality is that I might never improve my vision (though I highly doubt that will be the case), but with every day, I score a small victory by learning more about the world around me and the world within me. Those victories start to pile up after a while. Smile
Right! It seems to me, like every day I get to go out and experience the outdoors helps me realize that I don't need glasses to see, and it is "eye opening" to actually look at the world around you for a change.

Keep the posts coming, I like hearing about everyone's motivations here.
You might as well ask me, "Why do you want to be healthy?". So I can be productive and have fun in my life without pain, doing what I want to instead of spending my time (and money!) at the doctor's or injured or sick. I do vision improvement "work" (often more like play!) for the same reason I exercise or eat healthy food or get enough sleep or study the things that fascinate me or spend time with expert teachers -- I want to make the most of my life, not fritter away my time here just being a consumer. I don't want to die not having contributed anything, and it's a lot easier to contribute if you're healthy!
Yeah Nancy, that sounds like a great attitude. I feel similar. Some people, me included, think (used to think in my case) that it would be too much effort and dedication to get results and improve the mind/relaxation. I think, though, that it's a lot better than the alternative of uncomfortable chronic strain, doing what you don't want to do, and feeling confused and disconnected with "yourself".

It feels like it's become a win-win for me.
Anyone else?
I grew to detest corrective lenses... for some of the common reasons - awkward, inconvenient, nuisance. Hated depending on something as a crutch. I played a lot of sports, and even w/ astigmatic contact lenses, they never stayed fit or gave me perfect vision, no matter how many times I changed brands, and got refitted. I had 18 years of perfect vision, and then... what did I do to myself? I never believed that this was a genetic condition, and if I had done this to myself, there must be some way to turn it back in the other direction.
I became shortsighted when I was like 14, I never wore the glasses prescribed to me outwith my home, it seems stupid but I was ashamed of wearing glasses and just didn't really like them. So I went through school struggling and straining to see the board and when I left in may this year, I didn't want it to be the same all through university. Luckily, I cam across this site in Mid September and even in the couple of weeks before university started, I noticed drastic improvements. I could tell you more about my eye sight right now but this is about motivation so yeah, my motivation was to basically be able to see perfectly again, as I knew I was never going to wear glasses.
Also, I agree that learning becomes much easier, in that, people with perfect vision can look at posters on buses etc from day to day and just pick up things that myopees can't. I remember how I used to learn this exact way and how it was so nice to just look at posters and instantly get the information you need without having to move closer or not miss information simply because you cannot see it.
Frankly I was not very motivated when using The Bates Method,as it was not working for me.
But when I began using anticorrective lenses,and saw rapid improvement,my motivation kicked in.
My case may perhaps differ from most here,as I at first was hyperopic,but that became myopia from using minus lenses..
My motivation was high as I saw that through the use of anticorrective lenses that it was possible to change ones eyesight.
My final victory was eliminating the myopia completely.I have consistent 20/20 distance vision,and can also read fine print with no glasses.My vision is the same even when tired,or stressed.
Just the feeling of seeing and state of clear mind is too precious to live without, everything becomes a joy when seeing clearly. when seeing becomes easy and effortless everything else becomes easy and effortless.
I'm doing this not just for myself but to help prove to people that their current states of strain/tension/worry/anxiety don't have to be that way. They don't have to just live with it. Also, because I think myopia and these types of mindsets are contagious, and that I am responsible for the mindsets that I display to the world. I want to improve my vision/mind for future generations, and to improve the quality of life for me and everyone around me. I believe the butterfly effect has some truth to it.
Im doing this because my nearsightedness is very high and I started recently to have floaters on both eyes, wich I believe can be a indication of retinal damage by eye elongation.

Im not doing Bates since I cannot go without glasses most of the day, I would like to try WG, but a high nearsighted person has to change many things at life level to do this, otherwise its impossible. I believe in Bates treatment success, but his theories were mostly wrong, strain can be a component on eye refractive problems, but certainly not the only one. I forgive him, Im sure he will change his mind if he had access to the new science research on the theme.

Im using reduced prescriptions, couple minutes in the day I go without glasses, always remembering to relax my eyes, blink, shift, focusing, etc. Im not noticing a great improvement but I believe I reduce some 0.25/0.5 diopters maybe.

Bates treatment without glasses and doing a lot of outdoor activities is the best I believe, but unfortunately I cannot do it wright now.

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