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Retinal Detachment and Scleral Buckle?
Is vision improvement possible after having a scleral buckle put in for partial retinal detachment? My sister had this surgery back in February, and it seems to be healed, but the doctor won't give her a new prescription until next February because he says her eye isn't yet stable enough. She's really discouraged at seeing mainly a blur out of that eye now, which was formerly her stronger eye, but she's also discouraged at the thought of vision improvement, because no matter what she does, she's still going to have that plastic thing permanently in her eye, so....what's the use? I guess there's no possiblilty (although I'd never give up regardless) of getting to 20/20 vision and obviously, of ever being able to have that ring removed, but I thought maybe something gentle like long swings might help? Visualizing might, but neither she nor I are very good at all at that. I'm afraid to suggest anything because I don't want to make things worse while trying to make them better for her especially with an unstable eye. The surgeon, as generally might be expected, is entirely against this idea in any way. Her eyesight was not good to begin with - somewhere around -10 or -11, I'm not sure what and maybe -9 in the other eye.
Palming certainly can't hurt and might help a lot. I'd keep the practices very gentle -- this eye has been through enough trauma and strain. Focus on relaxing, having fun seeing colors or movement vividly, for example. Good vision isn't just about how clear the eye chart is.
Thanks, Nancy. I appreciate it. I don't know how she will react to a suggestion about palming, though it probably IS the most relaxing. I guess I ignored that one because it's the one exercise she and I always HATED. I don't remember ever noticing any benefit, but maybe there was some I didn't notice. Or maybe not. We found it's just too easy to begin....going over your todo list, remembering all the things you're worried about, not to mention thinking about how comfortable (as in uncomfortable) your elbows are, what you are going to write on your letter or whatever, whether you actually set the timer - must peek - and so on, however I will suggest it to her again, perhaps she will try seeing the colors, that might soothe more than trying to see telephone poles that are supposed to be gliding by...and don't... like our first exercise book suggested. No, I didn't want to suggest charts or going back and forth - I thought it would be a bit much on the eye myself. Thanks again. Smile
Joyonna, if I may, the goal of palming is to relax your eyes and mind. If your elbows are uncomfortable, put pillows under them. Don't try to see anything, including black. Just feel your eyes and face softening, like the tension is slowly melting and draining away. Just drift, do not focus on your to-do list or how long it's been. Many of us are in such a busy busy busy mind state that to relax feels dangerous and abnormal, so if you're getting antsy, stop and do something else. Several periods of 2 minutes each when you're actually starting to relax is much better for you than a longer period where you're forcing yourself. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
Hi Joyonna,

Nice talking to you on Chat.

Remember to talk with the eye doctor that did the surgery and if you can find one a Bates Method Opthalmologist. Tell the doctor about how Natural Eyesight Improvement can change the eye to normal shape due to relaxation of the eye muscles and ask the doctor if it will conflict with the shape of the eye the surgery was set to. Improving the eyes shape improves circulation, removes tension, pulling on the retina, eye and this is healthy but its always best to be sure the surgery, scleral buckle (which may have been set to fit a abnormal eye shape, eye that needs vision improvement) will not conflict with the eyes new shape as it improves with practice of the Bates Method.


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