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Re: eyes uneven
haha. That's very true, and actually pretty funny since Control Systems has been probably my favorite subject of engineering during my time here. Smile
Dear JoBoy,

Send me an email -- and I will forward a
chapter in my book to you.

Just do not repost it anywhere.


another observation tonight. While sitting at the computer with +3.25 on, I do the near work I'm doing, while looking off into the distance every 10-15 minutes or so. When I do this, over the course of time I'm sitting at the computer, the objects in the distance go from being "blobs" (such as a lightswitch) to "blobs" with defined outlines. I think this is definitely indicative of an improvement in my vision as my myopic blur is inducing my eye to change. So objects that before had color and general shapes, but no definition, over the course of a few hours, develop clear or semi-clear edges that constrain their shape much more definitively than before.

I thought this was interesting..

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