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pinhole glasses gives me multiple vision
Hi all

This is my first post, but I've been reading this forum for a while.

I am 18 years old, when I was something like 5-6 years old i had to wear patched eyeglasse cause I had the lazy eye(the right eye), but I didn,t wear them.
when i was 14 i had to wear eyeglasses for myopia: - 1.50 ... after about an year the eyeglasses broken, so I had to buy new eyeglasses, but this time they was -2.00 i did a reaserch and i found the bates method, so since that day I haven't weared eyeglasses.I've done the bates method not regularly and i think i've strained my eye a lot.

Now I think that I have something like -2.50 in the left eye, but the right eye is amblyopic, and sometimes I have a very small divergent strabismus in the right eye, with it I can't even see the largest letter on the eyechart.

this month I started study, read more bates books, and i am learning and improving vision.

A problem that i have is that my amblyopic eye have eccentric fixation, i see best where i am not looking: something like this : search ecentric fixation on youtube and is the first video: macular degeneration problems.

but i don't think I have macular degeneretion.

i wanna improve the visual acuity of the amblyopic eye so i bought pinhole glasses (today they came), and i cover my left eye so i use the amblyopic eye.The vision with pinholes it's better but I see multiple images 3-4 and sometimes even 5, do wear them will improve my vision?

The eye doctor said to me that i have -13 in the right eye, but I don't think so cause even with lenses my vision doesn't improve to 20/20, it improves just like pinholes.

without pinholes i can't see anything on the eyechart, but with them i can see 2 lines.(with the right eye).
another thing is that when i cover my left eye, things seems to be in a different position .

Do pinholes can help even my left eye?
another question:

using computer gives me eyestrain, so when i use it is it better to wear pinholes or not?
(i can read fine without them)
Hi hamid94,

I read your posts earlier today and a few ideas popped into my head.

When you first had to wear the patched eyeglass; was there a prescription in the glasses or were they plain? If prescription, this may have caused more problems and imbalance in the left and right eyes. If not; wearing the patch always on only one specific eye can cause a imbalance. See books by Janet Goodrich, Carina Goodrich and Thomas Quackenbush. Some are free on Googlebooks.

Avoid fusion exercises; the ones where they have you staring in space before or beyond two objects in order to make a illusion of a third out of the two merging. This has caused some people a crossed or wandering eye. Behavioral optometrists apply it but only in specific ways for each individual person and often people with strabismus don’t need it; the Bates method, relaxation can cure it. David cured that condition.

Good that you have stopped the glasses. You are young and smart, are preventing addiction to stronger lenses and other eye problems in the future.

-2.50 in the left eye, but the right eye is amblyopic; keep practicing the Bates method. You can do some shifting practice on close and far objects with; both eyes together, then one eye at a time, then bit extra time with the eye that is less clear/amblyopic, then the other eye again, then end both eyes together. Always work each eye and then both eyes together to keep a balance. When vision is equal in each eye; practice equal time with each eye. Search for SWITCHING on this forum.

Sounds like you are trying too hard with the Bates method. It must be done with no effort, no force. Relax.

Vision can go up and down at times even if the vision is perfect. Don’t focus on this. Notice some days it will be more improved, other days it might slip but eventually you can get to perfect clear and normal fluctuations ‘we all have’ will be slight, infrequent and may not even go farther down than 20/20.

Eccentric fixation is common when the vision is low. When it improves the movement of the eye and its central-fixation will improve. Relax into it. My teacher Thomas Quackenbush says; “make friends with the blur; temporarily of course” then it will be left behind when it clears. So; shift on objects, even though they are blurry; shift part to part and soon you will see those details. Images might be multiple as the vision clears (as the pinholes are showing; see next paragraph.) but that’s good; shift on one of the images; I usually choose the clearest, most solid one; then all images will merge into one clear image.

Pinholes block a lot of natural eye functions including perfect shifting, central fixation; I am thinking the eye that’s making the multiple images through the pinholes may have a bit of astigmatism or other effects of the brain, eyes, eye muscles trying to relax, improve function, doing this in different stages... Often people have some astigmatism and its harmless and clears up on its own. No glasses with astigmatism in them or it will be increased. When the vision is blurry if some astigmatism is in the eyes, it’s not seen due to the blur. When the blur clears, such as looking through the pinholes giving temporary clarity; the astigmatism is then noticed. It will clear. I would not use the pinholes and definitely not with one eye or more imbalance can occur. Pinholes are less straining than glasses so if you must use them; us with both eyes together. In your case I don’t advise any type use of pinholes..

On the eyechart; shift on the blurry letters. It will clear up with practice. Practice on identical charts at close and far distances and memorize the letters so you don’t experience mental effort which can turn into mental, eye strain, blur when looking at unfamiliar letters. Read Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazine articles on familiar objects, eyechart.
Each eye sees the chart from a different angle; this is normal. If there is a bit of strabismus or astigmatism it can make objects appear displaced. This will also improve.

I can talk to you on Chat; I think; I see the chat microphone but have not used it yet. If you want me to sign on send a email and turn on your mic. I will sign onto Chat so I can help you better than with typing.

Pinholes do not improve strabismus, amblyphobia. They might increase it.
The best thing is what you are doing; no glasses.
Thank you for the reply.

the first eyeglasses had a prescription, i don't remember how much...but i did't wear them... i think i had wear them for maximum 8 hours.

So, if eyepatch can't help, how can you cure amblyopia on children?And on adults?

When i look at night at a lamp light on the streets, i see 2, one not so blurry(coming from left eye) and one in the left of it very very blurry(coming from the right eye)...Is it due to maybe astigmatism on the right eye?or due to strabismus?...i don't think strabismus, no one ever said me that my eyes aren't aligned, when they aren't aligned I notice it.If I want to make them not aligned , I can.

A very big problem is: when I central fix on a very small letter my right eye turn very slightly out. Maybe is cause I am not central fixing, but trying to see?
You can use a eyepatch but dont use it all the time with only one eye or imbalance can occur. Did you try to turn on the mic on Chat?

I need to use the mic, too much typing to figure out and help with this problem. contact me on chat with mic.


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