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Plus Lens therapy in combination with the Bates method
lou_deg Wrote:It didn't matter that strain is the cause of myopia and glasses doesn't remove the strain, but that the glasses treated the symptom and helps you see clearly. Then can we really judge how good our vision is by use of lenses (through measure of diopters)? I'm not so certain that measuring diopters is truly relevant for judging vision improvement. Just because you see clearer doesn't mean your eyes are working properly.

Good point, Lou. The eyes will always try to adjust to the lenses, not the lenses to the eye. If the eye is already straining, it will maintain that strain in order to see clearly through the lenses. Diopters are ok for gauging AIDED acuity, but as Bates observed w/ many patients, is not a good gauge for UNaided acuity. He found patients w/ 6 diopters who could see better UNaided than those w/ 2. People w/ 30 diopters of error who could have moments of emmetropia, or people w/ little refractive error who couldn't see anything except on the extreme edge of the peripheral. He was confounded by how many he found w/ normal sight who were wearing lenses - all they had to do was remove them! But for whatever reason they thought they needed them - and could see better w/ them. When lenses are removed and one is dealing w/ unaided acuity, all bets are off. It's a different ball game, the conventional rules and logic blow out the window. Bates is anything BUT conventional, so why try to force conventional methods on judging the progress of unaided vision.
Maybe I should post a new topic on cataract? I will place this here and if anyone wants to search to see if there are topics solely on cataract I will post all I learn here.

For now; this is from me Facebook page; (yup said 'me'; watching too much Moonshiners and family stuff on Youtube, Facebook!)

Eye doctors are placing a eyeglass prescription in the cataract replacement eyes lens after cataract surgery (maybe also in original lens if its kept in the eye). Person is trapped with an eyeglass prescrip. inside the eye. (Lasik on cornea... also does this) Prescriptions in eyeglasses... or surgically created are addictive, cause more vision impairment. The person then cannot see through the surgically created, implanted prescription because it will be too weak. Vision is blurry. Many seniors calling me about this, regret it. Only more expensive risky surgery can change the prescription.

This also works against Natural Eyesight Improvement; if the vision improves with practice; the prescription in the eye will be too strong; vision unclear.

Only more expensive risky surgery can change the prescription; eyeglasses are prescribed if surgery is refused; now the person is looking through 2 different prescriptions; more impairment occurs.

Some doctors are working on a 'natural as possible' replacement lens, a solution to this problem. There are good Opthalmologists out there!


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