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Giving this a shot
Hey all I'm new here. I'm not quite sure how I stumbled upon this site, but basically I got tired of spending money on contact lenses and decided to move back to my glasses. But then I thought I'd take it one step further and restore my vision completely.

Of course I'm not without my own skepticism. Ideally I'd like to make it to 20/20. I'm not sure if that is possible though. I'll give you the rundown on my eyesight, I'm 21 now. When I was 4 years old I got an eyesight test and scored 20/70. However, I had an astigmatism in my left eye which caused it to become a lazy eye. I had to patch up my good eye and do exercises to prevent me from losing sight in my left eye. So as the years go by you can probably guess what happened. Stronger prescriptions, worse eyesight. Apparently I've got an astigmatism in my right eye too, because I looked at my contact box and I've got a -.75x170. My left is -1.25x030. No idea what those numbers mean. But anyway, on to the good stuff. I've got -5 in both eyes. My vision is pretty terrible, did a snellen test and got 20/800 without glasses.

I believe that at the very least I can return to 20/70. My reasoning for this is I highly doubt that my cornea changed that drastically from when I was 4 years old. I find it far more likely that I was given over prescribed glasses that ruined my vision. And I was a bit of a shy kid, so it was likely I dealt with the effects of it because I didn't want to be a nuisance. I clearly remember whenever I got a new prescription things were wavy and felt odd. Upon further research I found that the consensus is that astigmatism can either reduce with age or get worse. But obviously doctors are ignorant as to what causes the worsening, which is clearly the bad habits learned from glasses.

So I've been going without my glasses whenever I can. I've noticed the more I go without them, the more I notice the strain when I put on my glasses again. I can feel it like tension on the side of my eyes, I also notice how my vision seems flattened and how I can't focus. Despite me not being able to see anything without my glasses, I find that I naturally can focus in on a point and my eyes are actually more relaxed. It really sucks though because now I realize how awful these things really are, but without them I can't watch tv or go on the computer or really do much of anything. I'm going to be getting an eye exam soon and hopefully I don't have to debate why I want one diopter less and they'll just give it to me.
goodluck to you.
Have you made any progress?
mat422 Wrote:I'm going to be getting an eye exam soon and hopefully I don't have to debate why I want one diopter less and they'll just give it to me.

You may regret if you try to explain anything to them or get into a discussion about NVI. You'll just get negative feedback. But it is very reasonable to just ask for a weaker prescription for use on the computer, because you feel they are too strong for nearwork -

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