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Better Eyesight Magazine - Subjects, Articles, Practices
I found this example of a cure most helpful:

Quote:One patient, a physician, who had worn glasses for forty years and who could not without them see the big C at twenty feet, was cured in fifteen minutes simply by imagining that he saw the letters black. When asked to describe the big C with unaided vision he said it looked grey to him, and that the opening was obscured by a grey cloud to such an extent that he had to guess that it had an opening. He was told that the letter was black, perfectly black, and that the opening was perfectly white, with no grey cloud; and the card was brought close to him so that he could see that this was so. When he again regarded the letter at the distance, he remembered its blackness so vividly that he was able to imagine that he saw it just as black as he had seen it at the near-point, with the opening perfectly white; and therefore he saw the letter on the card perfectly black and distinct. In the same way he became able to read the seventy line; and so he went down the card, until in about five minutes he became able to read at twenty feet the line which the normal eye is supposed to read at ten feet. Next diamond type was given to him to read. The letters appeared grey to him, and he could not read them. His attention was called to the fact that the letters were really black, and immediately he imagined that he saw them black and became able to read them at ten inches.
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When I read it for the first time, I was very much impressed by the results, especially the continouus improvement after his recovery:
Quote:The patient not only had no relapse, but continued to improve. About a year later I visited him in his office and asked him how he was getting on. He replied that his sight was perfect, both for distance and the near-point. He could see the motor cars on the other side of the Hudson River and the people in them, and he could read the names of boats on the river which other people could make out only with a telescope. At the same time he had no difficulty in reading the newspapers, and to prove the latter part of this statement, he picked up a newspaper and read a few sentences aloud. I was astonished, and asked him how he did it.

"I did what you told me to do," he said.

"What did I tell you to do?" I asked.

"You told me to read the Snellen test card every day, which I have done, and to read fine print every day in a dim light, which I have also done."

But I thought, this was a person wirh extremely good imagination, 'normal' people can't obtain the same results, we can only admire and envy such people.

Recently I began to discover what a strong 'instrument' imagination is - even used by people with 'normal' capacities.
Imagination is always 'present' in vision, otherwise you wouldn't be able to interpret and recognize what you see.
But you can 'use' it either 'positively' or 'negatively', that is either as a 'measurment scale' (negatively) to tell yourself how bad your vision is, how far it is away from the perfect image which is laid down in your memory.
Or you can use it 'positively', as a 'pattern' or 'template' to help your eyes in finding the correct adjustment.
You always have the choice....

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