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Better Eyesight Magazine - Subjects, Articles, Practices
lou_deg Wrote:The imagination has to accompany extreme physical relaxation to achieve good vision. And unfortunately, I don't know how to relax my eyes fully ...and I think the solution involves physical training.

This is Bates' explanation:

Quote:The explanation of this remarkable occurrence is simply relaxation. All the nerves of the patient's body were relaxed when he imagined that he saw the letters black, and when he became conscious of seeing the letters on the card, he still retained control of his imagination. Therefore he did not begin to strain again, and actually saw the letters as black as he imagined them.

And my experience is, that the 'negative' use of imagination (that's what I used to do) is creating strain, because I use the perfect image in my mind to tell myself, that my actual vision is 'failing', that I have to do better than that, put in more effort ....
So instead of using imagination as it is meant to be used and expressed in the title of this chapter: "IMAGINATION AS AN AID TO VISION" I use it - just on the contrary -'against' my vision, as a means to 'disqualify' what I actually see.

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