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Better Eyesight Magazine - Subjects, Articles, Practices
lou_deg Wrote:It's still hard though. How often do I tell myself to relax and my body doesn't cooperate.
When you work with the eye chart, you can use the black colour of the letters as a means of relaxation; especially when you are able to see dark black while palming and have experienced the relaxing effect.

So you can start with palming and seeing black.
Then open your eyes and try to keep up the achieved relaxation, even get deeper relaxation if possible, with the black colour of the big letters in sight - don't try to read anything.
The letters will become clearer and blacker, and you can enjoy the sight and the feeling of relaxation - both reinforcing each other.
As soon as smaller letters become clearer and blacker, move your eyes further down without trying to accelerate the process or reading letters which are not completely clear.
I do this when I take a pause and relax (with a cup of coffee).
Sometimes I get everything completely clear till the 20/20 line, if I can't relax so much, at least till the 20/40 line (20/30 and 20/25 readable, but a bit blurry).

As Bates wrote:

Quote:When one treats patients who are willing to believe that the letters can be imagined, and who are content to imagine without trying to see, or compare what they see with what they imagine, which always brings back the strain, very remarkable results are sometimes obtained by the aid of the imagination. Some patients at once become able to read all the letters on the bottom line of the test card after they become able to imagine that they see one letter perfectly black and distinct.

(For me it was not "at once"...I took needed some time, but it made my coffe pauses more and more relaxed)

You can also try this suggestion:

Quote:In myopia the following method is often successful:

First look at a letter at the point at which it is seen best. Then close the eyes and remember it. Repeat until the memory is almost as good as the sight at the nearpoint. With the test card at a distance of twenty feet, look at a blank surface a foot or more to one side of it, and again remember the letter. Do the same at six inches and at three inches. At the last point note the appearance of the letters on the card—that is, in the eccentric field. If the memory is still perfect, they will appear to be a dim black, not grey, and those nearest the point of fixation will appear blacker than those more distant. Gradually reduce the distance between the point of fixation and the letter until able to look straight at it and imagine that it is seen as well as it is remembered. Occasionally it is well during the practice to close and cover the eyes and remember the letter, or a period, perfectly black. The rest and mental control gained in this way are a help in gaining control when one looks at the test card.

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