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Better Eyesight Magazine - Subjects, Articles, Practices
Quote:Nini, you posted previously that you also had weaker vision in one eye, about 3 diopters. Have you been able to improve the vision in that eye? I also notice that at times, my weaker eye (by ~0.75 diopter) does see more clearly while my better eye sees more blurry.
My weaker improved a lot, but it is still weaker.
When I have a lot of stress, it usually doesn't affect my eyes equally; sometimes my left eye becomes so much weaker, that my right eye is even better than my good eye; but I didn't get more than 20/30 with the right eye alone yet.
In the beginning, I trained my weaker eye separately. But it continued to improve even without separate training.

Quote:What prescription did you start out with for both eyes before doing Bates method?.
It was -4,5 / -1,5 astigmatism left and -8 right.

Quote:Also, what do you think caused your myopia?
When I look at old photos I find myself squinting on many of them even when I still had good vision.
And I think this is the main reason for my myopia; that I very often strained my eyes without any need. Our body can cope with a lot of abuse for quite some time before the 'damage' is manifested. And maybe, by the time, some other factors came up, which reinforced the process (so for example we move to another place which I didn't like and felt quite uncomfortable there).


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