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Better Eyesight Magazine - Subjects, Articles, Practices
January 1925

Questions and Answers

Question—I can read with no trouble but cannot distinguish things at a distance, especially the features of people. What would you suggest?

Answer—You are near-sighted. The imagination cure is the quickest and most satisfactory cure of myopia. Use two Snellen test cards, one held at one foot or nearer, or at a distance where you can see it best; the other placed at five feet or further. Look at the first letter of one of the lines of the near card and with the eyes closed remember it for half a minute or longer. Then look at the same letter on the distant card at five feet or further and imagine that letter for not longer than a second. Then look at the near letter again for part of a minute, close your eyes and remember it, and then glance at the same letter on the distant card for not longer than a second, and imagine it as well as you can. Alternate. When you become able to see the bottom line on the distant card, place it a few inches further off and repeat.

Question—What method is most helpful in myopia?

Answer—Palming, swinging, and the use of the memory or imagination (described above), are most helpful.

Question—Can you tell me what to do for inflammation of the white of the eye? Do you think sun gazing would help?

Answer—The light treatment is beneficial. Sit in the sun with the eyes closed and let the sun shine directly upon the closed eyelids. Move the head a short distance from side to side. Practice this for half an hour or longer three times daily when possible.

Question—Will you kindly tell me what I can do in order to read as well with the eyelids fully open as I can when they are slightly parted?

Answer—Improve your vision with the aid of tht imagination cure as described above in answer to question 1. When your vision improves, your eyelids will be more open.

Question—Is there any exercise or any particular, method of relaxation that will help double vision?

Answer—Closing the eyes and resting them is a cure for double vision. Blinking frequently, just as the nor-mal eye does, is also beneficial.

Question—Please explain the elliptical swing.

Answer—In the elliptical swing, the head and eyes are moved continuously in the orbit of an ellipse or a circle. ';he continuous movement of the head and eyes prevents thstare or strain, since staring requires that one try to keep the eyes from moving.

Question—How many times a day should the sun treatment be given?

Answer—The sun treatment should be given for half an hour or longer three times a day, or more often, when possible. The more sun treatment, the better, as it rests and strengthens the eyes.

Question—What treatment helps most people?

Answer—Palming is generally most helpful.

Question—Is it possible for some people to be cured by the help they may obtain from your book "Perfect Sight Without Glasses"?

Answer—Yes. By practicing the methods recommended in my book, many readers have improved their vision without my supervision. It helps to have some one with perfect sight supervise your treatment.

Question—Is myopia hereditary?

Answer—No. It is, however, contagious in many cases. When parents are cured of myopia, their children may recover without treatment.

Question—How long does it take to cure an average case of myopia?

Answer—Some patients are cured more quickly than others. The length of time is uncertain, as patients differ in their response to treatment.

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