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Better Eyesight Magazine - Subjects, Articles, Practices
(Movie by Emily C. Lierman, Bates Method)
Seeking this old movie by Emily Lierman to post FREE on YouTube before corrupt teachers find it and hide it away or sell for a high price;

Better Eyesight Magazine
May 1927

Because of the increased demand for the Bates Method in California, Emily C. Lierman, assistant to Dr. W. H. Bates for fourteen years and also manager of the Central Fixation Publishing Company of New York City, has opened an office at 609 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, California, where she is treating patients. Mrs. Lierman is also giving courses of instruction to those who desire to cure imperfect sight by the Bates method. At the completion of the course, the student receives a certificate authorizing him or her to improve defective vision by treatment without glasses.
Mrs. Lierman is delivering lectures throughout California and is showing moving pictures which illustrate the Bates Method of curing imperfect sight.

If anyone out there finds it; place it on YouTube and link it here. All people regardless of financial level have the right to the best Natural Eyesight Method.


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