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Better Eyesight Magazine - Subjects, Articles, Practices
(12-12-2013, 10:03 PM)ted Wrote: [quote='arocarty' pid='18442' dateline='1386734164']
I don't know if you ever regain all that sensitivity back, but sometimes it sure seems like you gain a significant amount of it.
[eccentric fixation]

Why do say that arocarty? If you have normal sight I'd think that means you are responding to those subtle signs just as well as someone who never had bad eyesight.

Even people who you say have never had bad eyesight have had bad eyesight. Nobody is immune to it It's just a matter of how long it is held in that state. That includes children, especially children, as that is where much of it all starts. (read the story of Phebe, a 10 yr. old who could draw the moons of Jupiter, but when asked to do math, something she disliked, she became myopic. BEM Apr. '30) The visual system is extremely sensitive, so much so that, as Bates had easily demonstrated, just deliberately misspelling our name can cause a refractive error. As stated in previous posts, I am not perfect all the time either, but it's more a nuisance, and not a hindrance to anything. It doesn't take much to get quickly back on track, with a little deliberate shifting, or noticing movement in the periphery, or taking a couple breaths and relaxing tensions, or remembering or imagining perfect sight or some other optimism. So in that sense, I still need some work to make it more habitual, and work on an unconscious level.

But do the neural pathways that the myope has developed ever get erased, partially or completely, after recovery? Don't know of any studies on recovered myopes and how they respond to the subtle signs of refractive error. And I seriously doubt they'll ever be in our lifetime. I think some will always have some susceptability, and will need to need to sometimes consciously use some technique they learned if they find themselves slipping back into bad habits.

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