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Better Eyesight Magazine - Subjects, Articles, Practices

It makes one wonder the original cause of myopia; why some people respond to things by doing something that leads to vision problems (or not recovering quickly enough from a disturbance) and others do not. Robert Lichtman's "Myopia as an Adaptation" has some good theories about it. I can only think that it's a combination of many behaviors that add up overtime, but there again it seems like these could stem from another "source" or root cause.

Bates seems to sum it up by saying that bad vision is simply caused by a wrong thought. A wrong thought that leads to a motor impulse in the muscles of the eye, causing them to tighten. Something along those lines. Makes sense to me. And I think what he meant was that these "wrong thoughts" might be occurring every second or so in the person with vision problems, making the strain continuous.


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