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Success story with anticorrective lenses
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It's good to see that another person has had success. He started out at 20/40, used Bates method to go to 20/30, and plus lens to go 20/20 and better.
The comments section was very informative to read. Clark Night's posting in iblindness about the plus lens made its way in there. The comments section talked about the improvements people had, as well as the side effects that others experienced while practicing the method. There is a delicate balance of trying to do enough such that progress can continue... and of doing too much which made some complain of red eyes, eye strain, cataract. Definitely have to be very careful.
And I've never heard of the equation that Otis says is "Basic physics": Focal length = 1/ Distance. Normally the D is the Diopter. But he used it to calculate the Distance we can clear if our prescription has a power of 1/f. I think he arrived at this equation from his own experience.
Thanks for also keeping the truth about the dangers of plus lens posted.

Reading fine print, no glasses is a good alternative to Plus lens. It naturally, safely changes the eye to natural round shape, correct refraction of the light rays and improves the lens function, health. The Plus Lens can stiffen up not only the outer eye muscles but also the ciliary lens muscle and the Plus Lens works against, goofs up the lens normal movement; accommodaiton, un-accommodation. When things freeze up in the eye; circulation, health goes down.

Remember the story of Pinocchio; when he first entered candy land life was great, eating all the candy he wanted. But as time went by he became a prisoner, forced to work as a slave and the candy was taken away.
I experimented with 1 plus glass (+3) to get both eyes to about the same level.
In the beginning it seemed to lead to improvement, but this never lasted for a long time.
Maybe I would have got better results if I had continued for a longer period of time, but I stopped this when I realized that was more and more straining my eyes to overcome the additional blur caused by the + lens.

You can have the same effect (positive and negative), when you simply increase your reading distance so that the letters become slightly blurry.
This way you can also improve your eyes if you manage to overcome the blur without straining. But if - unconsciously - you begin squinting to see better, you might even get more negative efects than profit out of it.
This might work for me. I was covering my better eye and found the maximum distance from which i can see clearly with weaker eye. Then I moved slightly far away computer screen to have the text blurry. I was trying to read it for few minutes. The vision was fluctuating, but I got to the point where I could see clearly for most of the time. Then I took away hand and looked at TV 3 meters away. I was pretty surprised that everything on screen was so sharp and without blur. The vision lasted for few minutes then my eyes started to feel different and vision went to the normal, weaker level. I'm going back to practice this.
You seem to constantly post negative things about plus lense methods that are exaggerated to say the least. You never give any valid scientific proof for your allegations,which leads me to believe that your posts are self serving,as the plus lense methods differ from what you sell at your web site.
I have borrowed plus lenses from my father and used them while sitting in front of computer for about 20 minutes. After this i put them off and looked through the window. My vision was really good I had 20/20 clear flashes each time I blinked but it faded after few minutes. I was surprised and I think I will buy my own plus lenses and try this method even after reading Clarknight warnings about it. I think it's worth a risk.
any barrier between your eyes and the world are a strain on both the eyes and mind, maybe a different strain but still a strain in the end. Using a strain for improvement is never going to be better than taking the strain away completely. And if plus lens did cause relaxation then using them for extended periods of time would bring higher degrees of relaxation, which probably isn't the case. I personally would avoid.
Then to use your logic,the atmosphere itself would be a barrier between your eyes.
eaglevision's statements are right. Why block the true world, our true debth, distance... perception. This effects the mind/body, positive emotions, thinking on all levels.

The fact is that all lenses, including Plus Lens impair the eyes, eye muuscles and lens function. Retina too! Circulation of fluids, blood... to the ciliary muscle/lens is impaired by the glasses. The Plus Lens accommodates for the lens and in a unnatural way forcing the eye to look through a incorrect prescription. Even a normal prescription does this. This weakens, tightens up, 'freezes' the lens function/movement, natural focus of light rays. It stops moving. A perfect environment for cataract to develop.

Injury, circualtion impairment caused by the Plus Lens does not always show itself until later. Why are people advising others to risk this? It's not even a risk; its a fact.

All eyeglasses impair the function of the brain/mind with the eyes. Fooling around with incorrect prescritions inpairs brain function.
The plus lens causes unclear close vision. This then carries over to distant vision.

I notice many people using the plus lens have anger, fighting in their personality; A main thing to get rid of when trying to improve the vision. People that advise the plus lens have never accepted my challenge to talk live, recorded on Chat (when video was available). Skype, LIVE YouTube is also available. Afraid to face the truth and record it permanently on YouTube? Dr. Bates would never advise this harmful method. The Bates Method is about Natural Eyesight Improvement; not using eyeglasses and especially not in a very straining, detrimental way.
Bifocal Wrote:Then to use your logic,the atmosphere itself would be a barrier between your eyes.

It's the glasses that are the barrier.
Bifocal Wrote:Clarknight
You seem to constantly post negative things about plus lense methods that are exaggerated to say the least. You never give any valid scientific proof for your allegations,which leads me to believe that your posts are self serving,as the plus lense methods differ from what you sell at your web site.

My books are free to anyone that needs help. All books 100% view on Googlebooks;

People can read, listen to Bates Magazines on the website.

I have worked on this project for years to help people see clear, maintain healthy eyes. Please do not accuse me of having financial inerest.

Anyone having trouble typing? See here; asanyonbe hadroubl typin on her? Maybe it my keybard, computer?See how the lter are noyig. Word... is ok I had trouble loggin on herethe other day,slow, now cant type. maybe is my computer.
I have bought my own plus lenses and I'm wearing them while doing close work like reading or sitting in front of computer. Still haven't wore them for too long but it seems that this brings me clear flashes and my eyes feel alot better after taking glasses off (while wearing them there's a strange feeling of strain but it seems that it helps the eyes in longer run). My vision seems to be better at medium distances where more things seems to be clearer than before. I know that this post might bring some opposition (I was reading throught whole internet about plus lenses method and seen that Clarknight is fighting really intensively against this method) and I don't have in mind to put this method in first place after Bates Method but I'm just making personal experiment and I am aware of all the dangers that Clarknight mentioned.

Another thing is that I found a experience of pretty reliable and sensible persona on the internet. link: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
I was trying to find out if he really exists because anybody can write some made up success story with fictional person. It was hard to find information about him, since he don't have any account on the social pages but Google is powerful friend and helped me to confirm that this August really exists and he's a very educated person who wouldn't lie to get some money or whatever else. He claims that his myopia wasn't big - about 20/40 and he claims that he almost recovered his vision because he had not an axial myopia. I don't know about myself but I'm having 20/40 myopia too and that's why I'm giving a shot for this method.
Several years ago my behavioral optometrist was using "opposite glasses" as training aids for people who wanted to improve their vision, plus glasses for the myopic and minus glasses for the far-sighted. The idea was to shake up the existing pattern of light wave interpretation by the person's brain. The concept was sort of like "negatives" in the gym, where you have someone help you move the weight when your own strength is not enough, just to get your body used to the fact that it's possible to do more than you have before, going beyond what you thought were your limits. This made sense to me in theory. The patients wore the opposite glasses for 20 min. at a time, maybe once or twice a day, during safe activities like reading or taking a walk. I don't know if the behavioral optometrist is still doing this today. When I tried using plus glasses myself, maybe 4 or 5 years ago, my sight was still so contracted (I was wearing about -5 or -6 most of the time then) I didn't see much benefit. I couldn't relax into what just seemed like an increase in blur, being extremely tense then. My guess is this might be of most benefit to those with a mild prescription. Loosening the existing pattern makes sense to me, like gently stretching a tight muscle. However, I am just the messenger here, have not stayed with this practice myself so have nothing personal to report, and know of no one personally who has used it to their benefit. I also do not want to get in the middle of the fight about whether this method is harmful or not. My feeling is that it may be of some use if not taken to the extreme, but even if it helps it is not a magic bullet or quick fix, just one more tool in your vision improvement toolbox.

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