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Can the right food improve your vision?
Can the right food improve your vision?

If diet can affect innumerable factors in the body such as energy levels, brain and nervous system functioning and blood flow, it makes sense that diet could affect eyesight. But as far as what diet is best, take your pick. Paleo, raw food, vegan, Atkins…

One thing I’ve heard frequently is that “simple” carbohydrates like wheat and some processed sugars contribute to blood sugar spikes, leading to increased body fat, unstable energy levels, “brain fog” and other symptoms.

Modern-day wheat sold in theUS, which is used in most breads and many processed foods, is supposedly very different from that used in the early to mid 20th century due to GMO engineering and is hard for the body to handle.

I had a roommate in college who wore -6.00D contacts for myopia and said that her vision had improved when she went on a special diet, but after a month she went back to her heavily rice-based diet and her vision reverted back. I guess her familiar diet was more important to her.

Mass-produced vegetables sold in stores are said to be relatively nutrient deficient compared to vegetables available years ago due to modern farming on overused land that prioritizes the volume of food over the nutritional value. I sure can tell you that the taste and consistency of some vegetables are complete crap compared to what I remember getting from my mom’s garden. No wonder people won’t eat them, especially in some areas of the US that don’t have much in the way of diverse crops and the quality of the food that has to be freighted in is even worse. A lot of supplements are available now, but sorting through them and trying to figure out what you’re missing is a nightmare. Synthetic supplements are said to be often worthless and at worst harmful. Whole-food supplements are more bulky but are made by minimally processing nutrient-rich foods to create “super food” powders that are supposedly better because everything is in its natural form with other naturally occurring elements.

The air in modern cities can be pretty toxic, the city water contains industrial byproducts, and various synthetic chemicals get in our food supplies intentionally or unintentionally. It seems like the list of things that cause cancer is ever-growing. We can thank the resiliency of the human body to cope with it all, but you have to wonder what kind of effect all that extra garbage in your body could have on sensitive processes like vision.

I wouldn't count on reversing long-standing moderate myopia by eating better. I doubt that there is some magic missing nutrient or perfect diet that will solve all your vision problems, because the problems are deeper than that, in a dysfunctional process of how you look at things that needs a significant amount of adjustment. But what you eat might at least have some effect on your mental clarity and energy levels so that you can better practice things that do improve your vision and perhaps even have a better intuitive sense of how your vision is supposed to work.
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"Half of our funny, heathen lives, we are bent double to gather things we have tossed away." - George Meredith
Needed this! Got to change diet. Still get kinda sick on processed pasta. Want to learn how to grow own wheat, rice and make pastas like Iitalians do.

I been getting really sick lately when eat certain brands of peanut butter. My doctor said alot of peanut butter gets contaminated and most recent from Trader Joes... is not the only brands. One brand was fine, then others awful! Was so sick; intestines going crazy, twitching, cold sweats all night, tounge like acid burning, pouring out of it, mainly on the sides and weak, woobly. Salmenioa?
I've been taking it easy on the nuts, especially peanut butter because I'm trying to stay more alkaline. Other nuts have something, I forget the name, that sucks away nutrients from your body, which I guess can be significant in large amounts, unless you soak the nuts. But it's hard to know how much of this is true and what has just been agreed on because it makes sense. The body will do some crazy things to handle different situations, and it makes its own decisions, so it's not really the predictable machine it's made out to be.
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"Half of our funny, heathen lives, we are bent double to gather things we have tossed away." - George Meredith
So much to figure out. About 100 years ago some old lady in Massachusetts living in the country wrote a book with pictures of all the healthy vegetables, plants, herbs. I can't find it. I like dandelion root and greens, flower. I have felt the best when fast a week on stuff like this and apples. Some books on chi energy, spritual stuff says to fast, stay vegetarian for the strongest energy. Another by Dion Fortune I think says we sometimes need meat to keep the nerves healthy strong. Would like to find the perfect food mixture. Turkey seems to bind my nerves good.
During my childhood I had a lot of pains in stomach and diarrhea. In 2010 I did Reiki formation and from that I become sensitive to the animal milk and carbonated drinks. I drank both since childhood and tried to cut to see what happens. I lost weight and also lost the pains and diarrhoea. Despite of not seeing better after that, I'm feeling healthier.
At now,what concern me is water. In all the places here I only can bought from plastic bottles and when I drink I taste the plastic and a few seconds later I burp tasting plastic. This is bothering me and I can't find a solution to this.
Plastic drink, food containers especially when warm cause a lot of health problems. Hormone imbalance...

Soy nuts, tofu always give me thyroid imbalance. My friend to. Symptoms are; weakenss, abdominal pains, woozy, sinking weak feeling in stomach then travels over body, pain in the big toe, lowered vision; look near the sun when on soy a couple days and it will appear all fuzzy, bigger. Stop soy for 1-2 weeks and all these symptoms go away and the sun looks nice and clear, normal size... Soy also destroys iron, other nutients and does something that make sthe intestines tight, tense and impairs digestion. Orientals eat seaweed, seafood-iodine with tofu to help stop the thyroid problem it causes. They eat it and don't get sick so must know a certain way to prepare? In 1983 my chinese boss taught me to cook, eat it and I never got sick back then. Then in 1994 it starting affecting me. Maybe over doing it. I tried everything, seaweed helps some but I still get the other side effects.

I learnt this in the American Free Press when I was always getting these symptoms and eating tons of tofu burgers. Stopped and in 3 weeks all problems gone.

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