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Dissolving Tight Muscles
Making huge progress lately,
Just been testing around with different techniques to achieve relaxation as always and noticed something I hadn't before,
If I am trying to see better with my eyes, which is the problem, chances are I am over trying with every single action of my life even something little like lifting up a pen, or turning over a page in a book. This might seem strange but I thought, why don't I try to do these little things without effort as though the limb is moving by itself and at once many muscles dissolved almost immediately and I began to use this vibrant relaxed movements all day.
my vision is normally 20/80 and with this method I have had 20/50 vision for the past four days throughout the entire day except for a few minutes each day when I feel the strain coming back I do something in this way and it goes back to 20/50, I also feel much more focused and cheerful throughout the day.
Just allow yourself to do everything and not try to do it, so when you are eating for example allow your hand to come to your mouth in a way that you lose feeling in that limb and not force it which locks the muscles tight, someone watching you would barely tell the difference but there is a huge difference in the way the muscles of the body react when moving this way, sounds so simple and it really is, I have not done anything else whatsoever in the past few days.
A couple of times in the past few days I have even had 20/30 vision for a few minutes.
you might be surprised at how easy but powerful and effective this is.
That's really interesting. That's actually a huge reason that I started getting into vision improvement. I had trouble making eye contact and I frequently was just doing weird, forceful things with my eyes, and I felt like I couldn't stop it easily. I wanted it to just be natural again. It's sort of like when you start thinking about how your walking, and how that makes you walk awkwardly. I like this idea, though, that it really permeates your whole being and doing.

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