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Leo Angart - NLP and Pranic Healing
I've recently found out about a man from Denmark, Leo Angart, who used Bates, Neurolinguistic Programming ( NLP, expertise of Richard Bandler and others), and Pranic Healing (founder Choa Kok Sui ) to improve his vision from around -5 diopters of correction to normal.  He now holds seminars in North America and Europe, and he has a book which I've ordered. 

I've been looking for a combined method that is right for me.  I believe Bates has the basics, by I am a high myope (-9.00 D), and I know that's it's more than regaining the natural ability of my eyes to see.  For me, it's very much deep rooted in my mind.  So I have been discovering many natural healing methods of the human body (especially meditation), and how powerful the mind can be in healing.  So this method feels like it is promising; however, I am a bit skeptical because NLP seems to be an accelerated type of meditation or tapping into the subconscious, and Pranic Healing again is an accelerated form which combines many natural healing traditions like Reikki, Yoga, etc. 

Thoughts or experiences with NLP, Pranic Healing?
I know this is very old, but I am quite I interested in this,

I have planned to check him out when I get the time. Not sure what method he teaches. I do know that a type of tai chi, 'Qi Gong' is very powerful. I was practicing once and did it too much, a little bit wrong and lost feeling on one side of my body. Could walk... ok but it was weird. Was doing a pulling up of energy from the foot and next day walking through the park in Boston I felt so light, strange and like nothing on my right side. Kinda scared me so now I just do plain tai chi and feels good, no side effects.

When the energy is used correct it can heal but be careful; I have heard of people using yoga, kundalini and releasing too much, too soon and it messed them up, can goof up the viison too.
Seek a karate master. Some of those guys can throw energy through the air, knock someone down at a distance without touching them.
All this stuff is powerful and its use is very karmic; what you do comes back to you twice as strong. Same as everything we do to others.
Thanks a lot Clarknight,

Basically he does something called pranic healing for those with over 3 diopters of myopia.

It's just visualizing energy of all sorts of colors to eventually energize your eyes. I've read A TON of testimonials about this guy and his methods, but I still need a straightforward guidance or like a regime I should follow.

For those with at most 3 diopters, all he "prescribes" is taking fine print and pushing it past your point of blurriness. Again, I've tried this but I feel like I'm just imagining improvement.

Would love to know your thoughts about it when you can,

I posted recently asking about him as well after seeing sections of his book on astigmatism in Google books. I just got his new book. I didn't realize his method deals with all these energy exercises. When I get a chance to read, I can also give my thoughts...on Energy Exercises and pranic healing that cured his myopia.
You guys can have a PDF with a color chart, breathing, circulating colored light energy. I learnt part of it by practicing Robert Monroes focus 10 and up tapes and other spritual teachers. You imagine the moving energy but also can feel it; all though the body and around it, moving it. Its also a aura strengthening, protection thing. Amaozn sells some of his old tapes at a discount.

When your reading the fine print its not with glasses right? Don't get into that harmful plus lens method. It freezes up the lens, ciliary and this leads to impaired circulation, cataracts. Retina damage can eventually occur or sooner if the vision is quite impaired. Doctors proved the eye does lengthen a bit as Bates stated; they say it occurs when the ciliary muscle changes the lens shape during accommodaiton. This may cause an interaction with the outer eye musces which Bates proved can affect the shape of the eye. The plus Lens method will also impair these other eye functions.

Normal reading of fine print, (no glasses) is very helpful. Read it at clear, then blurry, then blurrier distances until you can see it clear at all reading distiances. It's very heathy for the eyes; gets the ciliary lens muscle and lens moving, good circulation, accommodation, un-accommodation, convergence, divergence, perfect central fixaiton, shfting and saccadic shifting. Also improves distant viison. Then go onto microscopic, photographic reduction print.
Re-reading Doug Marsh's book Restoring your eyesight... Really like it! Dont know how I missied this part before; he posted a sentence by David in his About page on iblindness! ;

"Quality of eyesight is really only one aspect that gets affected by this. It only makes sense that relaxation training, reeducation of conscious control, relieving strain, or whatever you want to call it, affects just about everything, whether it has to do with the visual system or not. Things look better than they ever did when I wore glasses. I can tolerate bright sunlight easier and see better at night. I've been anosmic (unable to smell) my whole life but recently started sensing certain smells. Thinking is more effortless. I'm more relaxed in general. I rarely get sick anymore. It goes on and on."

Check it out on Amazon;
Just type in some of the post and it shows up!

Can't wait to re-read the muscle relaxation chapters.
Absorbing books better now that am retired reading for enjoyment instead of cramming fast between work trying hard to learn.
During my first approach on vision improvement and take the ride of this "eye exercises teachers". I bought the Leo Angart's book,but to be honest with you, it's confusing to me after reading all the Bates work and David posts. Associating Bates work with eye exercises is simply not correct and by the way his techniques didn't work with me. But it can work with you,good luck.
Some of Leo's stuff I agree with but other practices I do not like.

Over the past 14 years I have wanted to be certified as a Bates teacher and have been searching for who teaches correct, who I can confidently state to student's "I was trained by this teacher..." and know I am teaching the best method, most up to date and keeping with bates original teaching.

Some teachers offered to certify me for free or very low money. Others wanted up to $8,000.00+ (include travel, lodging). Others would not certify me when they found out I teach free on the website. I have a lot of trouble with teachers about this; they want their students to charge a high price for training, not be competition.

I have to say that Leo never did any of these underhanded things. I have benefited from some of his teaching but prefer to stay with Dr. Bates.

A few teachers that offered free and low cost training, ones I had considered being certified by; later changed their training and are selling sunglasses, colored eyeglasses (totally against Bates method), magic eye books 'artificial 3-D' (can cause strabismus, astigmatism...), the teacher that wants $8000.00 from me is now telling students in mass e-mail marketing that lasik is good and they can mix it with the Bates Method. (Lasik is not good. It's very harmful, people have gone blind; its totally against the Bates Method. Unclear vision can occur from lasik, and combining it with Natural Eyesight Improvement; due to the cornea being like a eyeglass prescription in the eye; when the Bates Method returns the eye, mind to normal shape, function, relaxtion; the surgically altered cornea is like looking through a blurry, 'too strong' eyeglass lens. (Some specific natural practice can be tried but it's a risk.)

I am glad I did not have the money to travel or pay for these courses. If I had been certified it would have ruined my reputation as a teacher after the teachers changed their methods to include harmful practices.

In all this time Thomas Quackenbush has never changed his teaching; he has stayed with the true method, safe practices. I feel condifent in stating him as a teacher and certifier. I have also been checking out a lady from Europe; last name Montgomery. Was very kind to me, no ego problems. Definitely will be Thomas Q. and 1 or 2 more of the best to be certified by.

I have to say; I've learned much on this website, forum and David. And it's free!


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