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Brian Severson. Has anyone heard of him?
Anyone here ever heard of Brian Severson?

The Brian Severson story is one of the saddest stories I've ever heard.
But if you want to get rid of your glasses, and correct your myopia, you
should definitely learn about the Brian Severson method.

I see dozens, or maybe even hundreds of websites talking about the Bates method,
but nothing anywhere about the Brian Severson method. Does anyone know why?

Tell me what you know about Brian Severson's method of eye exercises.
As I recall, it was mainly about "pushing print", with vague suggestions to research and try other things. The "vision freedom" kit consisted of a small book, and three pairs of plus glasses (not worth the $99 it cost, but that was a clever trick.) Brian said that he recovered from 20/80 to 20/20, so even assuming the truth of his story he started with very mild myopia. Such a method isn't really viable for those who are nearsighted enough that near-work is a problem.

As for why there is nothing about the "Brian Severson method", that's probably because there was little in it that was original.
Here's the old vision freedom site. And here's some information.
Wow. That web archive thing is unreal.

When I was a kid ages ago, there was an old Bates book in our house. I tried the exercises
a lot but it didn't work. Now that I think back, I probably never understood how to do them.
Anyway, I never did wear glasses in my life, except to drive. One day I was driving to Spokane
at night, with glasses, in the rain, and I pulled off the road to read a map - and I was shocked
because I couldn't see a thing. That's what glasses do. I couldn't see the map which was right in my hands.

Somewhere around 1993 I borrowed the Severson book from someone I knew, and I did the exercises, which is basically trying to focus on one letter on a page, while pushing the page just slightly away until it's blurry, then back to where it's nice and clear. I did that for about two hours, along with some other of my own eye exercises, and I could feel my eye muscles working.
The next day I drove downtown, and couldnot believe my eyes - I could see street signs without glasses. I couldn't do that ever before.

Brian Severson in my opinion is the best. But I read a bit about him - he had some problems with his neighbours, and I don't think he did much wrong, and I think it went to court, and they locked him away for a long time. I think it was one of the greatest injustices in history. Why?
I always wonder - why? His system worked. And he got a totally bad deal in life.

This makes it sound as though Brian did a lot wrong.
Worst. Injustice. Ever.

If you kill someone drunk driving, you get one year in jail.

Severson, who refused to cooperate with his attorney throughout the case and has a history of displaying defiance in court - got twenty five years in prison - never actually physically hurt anyone.

I don't think it was fair.
According to other sources, Brian did have a previous DUI. Things add up. And just because you haven't hurt someone yet doesn't mean you're not a danger to society.
Regarding Brian's method, however, it might have worked for me had I found it a year sooner than I did. Two things caused me a lot of frustration. #1, trying to keep the book at the correct distance, since print quickly blurred as I moved it away from my eyes. #2, trying to go without glasses/contacts. Had I been less nearsighted, both of these things would have been less of an issue.

Whatever good ideas Brian had, however, the manual was poorly written, and the product was not worth the $99 he charged for it. Plus glasses are available cheap off-the-shelf.

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