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Plus lense info.
Here is some great information,
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Thats the harmful cataract, astigmatism... producing Plus Lens Method. It can also tear the retina. (its also know as anti-corrective lenses and other names). People change the name of their product after many people complain its dangerous.

On the bottom of the page is Otis Brown's link to his webpage. Otis developed cataract 2 times and has a eyeglass lense prescription inside his eye and lasik on his cornea for astigmatism and is still addicted to the Plus lenses after many years of use.
He advises to pilots, childern, everyone and many people report they have been harmed but he and his co-autors remove all posts on their forums by people that satate the Plus Lens method has injured their vision.

I am still here to warn people about this.

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