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Natural neck , shouler... relaxation, alignment

This lady's yoga movement, positions... along with other honest doctors's , physical therapists, Meir Schneider and Thomas Quackenbush's books, Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines and other natural practices and some safe home do it yourself chiropractic (which I cannot place here; 'must be done correct or injury can occur!' ) helped re-aliged, cured my neck, spine, hip injuries and vision problems that were caused by a dishonest chiropractor that purposely mis-alingned my neck; C-1, 2, 6, more along the spine spine, C7.., and the hips resulting in vertigo, partial blindness, may problems.

To date 2013 I have 90-95 % cure of neck, spine... and eyesight goes to better than 20/20.
thanks man!

I was looking for something like this to do every morning
I have tried alot of different postures, movement books... Can't advise for everyone, because I did specific ones to cure a neck injury, mis-alignemnt caused by a dis-honest chiropractor.
Relaxation and natural correct posture, movements... help but its hard to advise for each individual.
I do swimming in the air forward and backward as I walk forward and backward. Swim and look left and right like a real swimer in the water. Then do it in water, the correct way to swim. (cant advise on this because I can't swim.)

Also long swing, sway.
Natural alternatives to chiropractic.

Careful with massage; one was great! But other in So. Boston, MA threw my lower back out and I lost lot of feeling in my legs. Like my brain could not connect with the legs, movement. Almost wheelchair bound. Fixed by a honest doctor.

On the ppositive; he sells a natural heartburn medicine, pure that the AMA has been attacking. Suddenly 'somehow' comtaminated some formulas, then banned by the U.S. Conspiracy?

The true, safe Chinese formula is great, beats any drug from big Pharma, AMA.

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