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How to get clear flashes
Hello my name is everest. I'm 15 with -4.5 D eyes. I have read David's method and part of bates method. I have also read the forum a little. For the first time starting I haven't had a clear flash yet (only small quick ones from palming and such). It's been a few days but am I just thinking of clear flashes coming too soon or am I doing the method incorrectly?
"Clear flashes" are simply any moment or longer where you experience greater vision than usual. This can happen during practice, or sometimes just at random points during the day. I highly suggest you look through some of the journals people have been writing as of late (among them is mine) as they can help you skip a lot of the early practice grief and start to see what people are thinking about the bates method. Good luck, keep in mind that its a mindset and not an entirely physical endevor.

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