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Relaxed Eyes Move Easily (3-2-2013)
Relaxed Eyes Move Easily (3-2-2013)

You can tell how relaxed your eyes are by how easily you can move your gaze around and how little sensation you get from your eyes while doing it. If each movement of your eye is a small but noticeable feeling of a muscle moving, your eyes are tense. If you find that while practicing looking from point to point you can move your gaze in one direction more easily than another, your eyes are tense. But what you'll notice is the mere act of consciously moving your eyes in any direction will cause tension. If you prioritize working with your conscious attention and letting your interest direct your eyes, and if you don't think about your eyes, you will be able to notice after the fact that your eyes must have been moved by your attention, even though you didn't feel it.
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Yes, absolutely. The same is true of blinking for me and I'm theorizing for everyone: if I can feel my blinks, there is strain in my visual system. This strain is a message from my body that I need to pay attention to and do something about before the whisper turns into a scream.
Like the new blog posts and the video of the knee surgery in the other post! Mind power! Useful info. for my neck. Thanks.

I notice many people that seek help with eyesight have to stop thinking about their eyes. Thomas Quackenbush corrected me once saying; stop talking about the eyes. Use your vision. Reading Doug Marsh's book again and he mentions how in the past, more natural life we all had the natural relaxed thing, using the mind and forgetting about the eyes. Using the vision to see a distant animal (food) without effort. Got to use this skill David describes to keep this relaxed clarity in modern society. Most all students just need no glasses, basic shifitng but without focusing on it, the eyes and level of clarity all day.

SO simple, easy; just to get into 'that right place'.

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