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You Are A Placebo (3-3-2013)
You Are A Placebo (3-3-2013)

The below video explores how patients undergoing fake knee surgeries, where the doctors went through the motions of opening up the knee and pretending to operate, but not actually doing anything, resulted in an improvement in all cases.

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It shouldn't even be a question of whether the mind directs the course of healing. I can't imagine how helpless and scared a person would have to be in believing that they have no control over what happens with themselves.

With common vision problems, it's not even a matter of healing so much as it is just subtly adjusting the way you work with your visual system, which should be a comparatively easy task, I think. You're capable of more than you give yourself credit for. Your mind rattles off general instructions more than you give it credit for. Everything it says counts. Everything you think of counts, even while you're sleeping. Do your thoughts in your dreams reinforce your intent, or have you chosen to fail to fulfill your intentions even while you sleep? How much of your time do you spend trying to see in the wrong way while you spend a scant few minutes entertaining the idea of seeing in a different way?

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