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Should I?
I know this page is probably going to be filled to the brim with bias, but I want to know more. I don't want to be a person desperately clutching at straws to better my vision, but I DO want a cure with no ill side effects.
I'm 16, and got back from the optometrist with mild lazy eye, saying my left eye just doesn't work as hard as my right, she said that even with the aid of the perfect glasses I'd never get 20/20.
on the board she wrote on, I didn't look too carefully, but it looked like the difference between my eyes was like ?/100 right and ?/300 left. My mom told me I could get free/cheaper contact lenses because now that I could never achieve 20/20 vision I could technically be called 'disabled'. This really hurt, so desperate to find a natural cure, I find the Bates Method. However, when I find it, success stories and scientific skeptics flood the results of my googling. Most of the time, for example when people tell me about how god answers prayers, I think they just NOTICE what happens because they're expecting it to. If you prayed to god for good weather tomorrow, and you got it, what if the weather just HAPPENED to be good the next day, and you noticed it more because you asked for it? Then you'd jump to the conclusion it was divine intervention right? So I'm wondering if it's possible that this is all just NOTICING it more because you BELIEVE it will work. The psychological affects your physical due to EXPECTATIONS, hence why skepticals and expectuals find their different results. At least that's what I think. If someone was skeptical and didn't expect Bates to work, it wouldn't.
So I don't know if I SHOULD try Bates, I looked at how people described imagining black or white, relaxing and palming to get clear flashes, and I tried to get a clear flash, but it didn't work. Is it meant to be clearer than normal if you just have horrible eyesight, or actually clear-clear? Or am i just not expecting it to work/not doing it right? Then I hear about people's vision WORSENING when they don't wear glasses, and with an official lazy eye (the one that doesn't show visually) I don't want to get worse. I'm getting new glasses soon, and I'm wondering if I should ask for a reduced prescription. And please don't fill up replies with OBVIOUS bias, a little is ok, but not too much.
I hope as other glasses bearing people you can view this from my POV, but I don't think I have myopia, which is what many of you (from what I've read) have.
Could you also share some other Bates methods with me to try out? I haven't looked too far yet, as it's pretty late, so what's Shifting and so on?
Also, if I AM just not expecting it to work, how do I get around this? You can't just psychologically trick yourself into having 20/50 vision right? I think ... HELP!
Also, please don't leave me hanging for years, I know sometimes forums can be slow, but I really don't want my mom telling me I have an official disability, it really hurts.

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