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Eyebright tincture improves eyesight?
A smart guy I know when I told him I had glaucoma sent me a chapter from a book and recommended the Eyebright herb to be used as an eyewash. The chapter had an interview with two “famous” herbologists who added cayenne and a couple of other herbs, created a tincture, and are selling this on their website. They claim it improves vision and makes the eye healthy. Now I know cayenne is a great stimulant especially if you put it on your eye (though thery use very little). Eyebright is a cleanser and has been used since Roman times as well as by American Indians as an anti-inflammatory, for conjuvitis, etc. But will it get you from, say 20/50 to 20/20? I read the websites of these guys carefully and did a bit of research and my confidence did not increase. Herbs are not regulated by the FDA and if you read the small print on their website they promise you nothing. It’s just “educational.” But I am grasping at straws and don’t want to bypass something helpful. Does anyone have any experience with Eyebright, especially the cayenne added tinctures?
Hi boho,

In the past people on here have mentioned cayenne. I have never tried but might work. Dont know.

Eyebright; if you research you'll find it has side effects so I am reluctant to advise this. A few teachers sell it and I
stopped being their affilate seller due to this eyebright risk.

If you wear glasses, stop; then the eyes will work naturally and the pressure which is often caused by outer eye muscle tension will be removed.
This may not be the entire cause but it will help. Look into the mental, emotional stress reduction 'stuff'.

I'm a big fan of herbs. I personally would go for it. In fact you've reminded me of this herbs existence. I remember someone talking about how good it was for their eyesight some years back when I was still wearing contacts. I remember feeling sad that I couldn't do anything about my eyesight then. I thought there would be little point in taking it. It's funny the same person actually used to practice looking out of their window to a beach far away and relax their eyes and told me they could see more detail as time went on. They said they could see new detail they hadnt previously seen when they first started this daily practice. They had normal vision as did their whole family. They didn't know of the bates method; well they certainly didn't mention it but seemed to have discovered the secret of vision excellence themselves. They definitely could see details I couldn't with my glasses on which surprised me at the time because I had thought of my eye crutches as perfect vision. Obviously not! I asked the health food shop today about eyebright and they said it wasn't a well used herb which is why it has not been tested because the companies would have to pay to prove its safety. Despite this it has been used throughout the centuries. I would get the tea version personally.
Would probably try the eye bath too!


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