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You think that's air you're breathing? (3-29-2013)
There is a movie (old one, forgot the name) about a blind man that meets a lady. Fell in love...
The man would tell her about his childhood, how he went blind from some cause when he was a small boy.
His last memory picture of sight was a big pink thing. (I am not sure of exact parts of the movie)

The lady got him to try a new eye doctor and the doctor brought back his vision with a operation.
But; the blind man had no mental pictures, no memory of any objects, vision to work with. He was like a new born baby, the eyes, mind trying to memorize, store a clear picture of each new object he encountered. The land, road, cars scared him violenty. One day he saw a big ballon and it brought back his childhood memory; it was a big pink ballon or ball that he saw, the last thing seen before going blind.

He lost his vision again by the end of the movie. It was a true story. No where in the movie did they state that the doctors taught him the Bates Method; how to use the memory, imagination... Maybe that would have helped.

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