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You think that's air you're breathing? (3-29-2013)
How bad was Norbekov's visual state before and how is his vision after the epiphany and cure?
I don't know; he doesn't mention it in his book.
Concerning his own recovery, he writes about serious health problems, from which he completely cured himself and his "method" in general can be applied to all sorts of chroncal diseases. He is also working with people who have so called incurable diseases with no hope from traditional medicine, and he is doing this very successfully.
Here you can find a longer description:
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I'm wondering if I should try to move it to the center midline, or if the right-brain imaging is more important than the left-brain logic so it DOES belong to the right, or if this has nothing to do with anything. Anyway, Dave, thanks for this post!

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