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Pinhole Glasses for Centralizing Vision?
So I was reading a Bates Method PDF aimed at people in Singapore, and they have some pictures of groups of children using pinhole glasses as a vision therapy aid.

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Has anyone tried pinhole glasses?

If so, has it helped centralize and focus your vision after you remove them? or are they just another way to give your eyes a crutch?

I stopped wearing my glasses/contacts (-4.50 left | -4.25 right) 3 years ago and have just used pinhole glasses (except for 30 minutes a week when shaving, as they help me see all the details). I haven't seen any noticeable improvement in my eyes from just using pinhole glasses. I sometimes wear them 8+ hours when outside or watching tv or on the computer. They've only really been a crutch for me. I'm going to start eye exercises soon to see if my eyesight can be helped, if not I'll get lasik surgery.
I think of pinhole glasses and prescription glasses as useful aids when I want/need clear vision for certain times. Pinhole glasses neither improve nor worsen your myopia, from my experience. The prescription glasses will worsen your myopia. But needing to see 20/20 is necessary for some activities and so glasses are important to have. But it's only a couple of hours a week of using glasses so I'm not going to sweat it.
If someone is interested in improving their vision, I feel lasik is not the way to go. People point to different reasons for blurry vision, such as spasm of ciliary muscles of the ocular lens, elongation of the eyeball by extraoccular muscles, imagination blindness, stress, etc. but I haven't heard of the cornea as the culprit. So why zap away the cornea with a laser to reshape it when there is nothing wrong with it?
Do you have to buy special pinhole glasses or will any will do? Smile
I am not sure how much better the more expensive ones are but I purchased the cheap ones on ebay for a few dollars and they work fine. It has a triangular lattice type pattern. Probably the ones with the smallest holes would be best since it gives the sharpest vision. My daughter and I were watching the Hobbit video a few weeks ago using them and they work well. My son may need to have one soon too.

What would be good is to get kids into doing natural eye improvement activities. Maybe clarknight can make a book on the Bates method that is designed for kids. For natural asthma treatment, there is a method called Buteyko method. It may be be a safer alternative to taking daily steroids puffs to strengthen weak airways. I purchased a book on Amazon called 'Buteyko kids meet Dr. Mew' to try to get my son interested. Something similar ought to be available for vision improvement. Parents would be willing to explore the Bates method themselves if they think it may help their child.
I was looking for eye training methods when I discovered a German site - it is a webshop, but I liked they attitude that they let you choose whether you want to train your eyes with eye yoga or with pinhole glasses. As I was lazy to train I chose the glasses and they work well. Smile I use them every evening to refresh my eyes. I did not wear another types so I cannot compare them, I do not know whether there is a difference.


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