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Pinhole glasses

Today my pinhole glasses I bought in eBay have finally arrived. When I put them for the first time, I could notice that, in spite of the holes' borders, I can see sharper than usual. The sight indeed improves while wearing them

But a question remains: I read in some website that a side effect of its use would be diplopia (double vision). I used to have diplopia when I was a child (and that was extremely annoying). Anyone more experienced confirms so?

See my review here;

And my teachers info;

They help, are better then giving into glasses but don't use forever. They block some normal eye, vision functions.

Never heard of the double vision thing. Want to investigate this. Could occur if you had problem in past due to the pinholes blocking perfect central-fixation...

Do you have the website where it was posted?
Well, I agree that glasses hurt your eyes. But I can't completely avoid them now. If I do that, I become too slow at work. What I'm doing to prevent further damage is to wear weaker glasses and to, every 50 minutes, make a pause and take 10 minutes to rest your eyes. Unfortunately, I fall in the group of the people that even with the best correction possible, can't achieve 20/20 vision.

Anyway, I know I'm improving with or without glasses. I can now read 15/70 without glasses. I noticeably couldn't do that before.
Wearing an eye patch is a good alternative. It strengthens the eye quickly.


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