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Repressed memories and partial eyesight recovery
I have worn glasses since I was 8 years old being short sighted. I am now 20 and my eyesight had continued to deteriorate over those 12 years. I began experimenting with the Bates method after getting very bad headaches constantly.
I got limited results, but not wearing glasses I felt amazing with no sore heads.
I hit a plateau so decided to study again on the method. I read (can't remember where) that perhaps our sight deteriorates as children as a way to protect ourselves from the harsh reality of life. I now realise how true this is.

While palming I sat thinking, trying to remember when I got glasses and what was happening at that time, and suddenly I found all these memories that I had buried. All these memories came flooding back in crisp detail.

When I was about 8 years old there was a fire at the school I was attending. We all got out safely, but the school was completely destroyed. We were moved around a lot to different places as we still had to go to school. As a young child it was difficult. I knew vaguely what had happened but could not fully remember this time of my life, until now.

When I opened my eyes things were clearer as they always are after palming. But this time it did not fade away. Over the next day my eyes went from -3.0d to -2.0d.
Remembering what was happening in our lives when we started wearing glasses will help alleviate the metal tension that cause eye strain.

I am now trying to improve my eyes to get rid of my glasses completely. Hit another plateau though, so any advise would be appreciated.
How knows? Maybe there is not one incident that influences your eyesight but many?

What if each incident adds a certain D to your eyesight?

You found one....

If you could find them and process them.
I've haven't tried the technique you described. It could be helpful. It's a signifcant improvement you got and I hope it lasts. I've had a couple of vivid memories from childhood pop up from time to time while doing palming. They were just significant events and impressions from childhood that I'd somehow forgotten. No negative memories, though, and they came up randomly.
It might be worth describing what you do during the day. Do you do a lot of nearwork - work with computers - or do you work outside? Do you watch TV and how much? And so on. Without your glasses some of these activities may still be causing you strain and I think that would be the next thing to identify. Are there any Bates practices you do and for how long, etc.?
Personally, I have had a lot of success with plus lenses. It's not Bates but it's worked for me and quite a few others on this board. You could do a search for relevant threads. A lot's been written on it so far.
What books have you read on the Bates method? If I were you, I'd read as widely as you can if you haven't already. The original Bates book is good but I'd also highly recommend reading "Relearning to See". Many people here talk about adopting "correct vision habits". That's something that's covered pretty extensively in the book, and it's an important concept.
The more information you can provide us, the better really; the more we could be of help. That help goes two ways, though; most of us (myself included) haven't got to 20/20 vision yet, so any advice you could offer us would be gladly appreciated.

Great results thinking about repressed memories, I read about that (high stress and memories suppressing eyesight) in Bates' book if I remember correctly, or an audio I listened to last week. My parents went through a nasty divorce when I was in 4th grade and after my mother, sister and I moved out I remember some time after that maybe in 5th grade noticing I couldn't see the branches and leaves on trees as clearly as I could before (I grew up in east Tennessee). From the moving out until I graduated high school my father stalked and harassed us constantly (and I've resented/hated him for it ever since), so I had a lot of stress, plus bullies in middle and high school. I think I was a Junior by the time I got glasses after spending a few years constantly in the front row so I could see the board and projector screen.

I will purposely try to recall some of this stuff while palming and focus on it passing like water under the bridge.
From my energy medicine studies, it's not necessary to dig for repressed memories, which could actually traumatize you further if they were horrific ones. If it comes up on its own, it's ready for you to release it. So notice it, "process" it (cry, write angry letters you burn, whatever), then send it on its way. What causes disease, eye problems and a host of others, is stuffing it and pretending you're fine when you're not. Better out than in, I tell my students!

We had a workshop this weekend and one of the other advanced students told me she recently went to the eye doctor, who cut her prescription in half, from -3 to -1.5! Of course she was thrilled, especially since she's doing no dedicated vision work. The doctor was puzzled, having no explanation, but she knows it's from the meditation and other healing work she's doing. Oh, and she only wears her glasses when she needs them, not all the time. This is not rocket science! If the body and mind are at peace, the sight will be clear.

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