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Repressed memories and partial eyesight recovery
Great results thinking about repressed memories, I read about that (high stress and memories suppressing eyesight) in Bates' book if I remember correctly, or an audio I listened to last week. My parents went through a nasty divorce when I was in 4th grade and after my mother, sister and I moved out I remember some time after that maybe in 5th grade noticing I couldn't see the branches and leaves on trees as clearly as I could before (I grew up in east Tennessee). From the moving out until I graduated high school my father stalked and harassed us constantly (and I've resented/hated him for it ever since), so I had a lot of stress, plus bullies in middle and high school. I think I was a Junior by the time I got glasses after spending a few years constantly in the front row so I could see the board and projector screen.

I will purposely try to recall some of this stuff while palming and focus on it passing like water under the bridge.

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