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Mental Control
I feel I am getting closer and closer day by day to a lasting cure, and from now on I will post mainly on my blog (at the bottom).
A couple of days after my last flash, I started to think of what is going on, why does vision get better and why does it get worse, after playing cat and mouse for, far too long I need to know what is happening and why, How does a thought of knowing I had my vision bring so much improvement and mental focus. And so it clicked within a few days and day by day my understanding is growing. For the first time I am beginning to consciously get into a few days flash, instead of slipping into it without realising what is going on, like my previous other times.

Has anyone noticed that when sitting relaxed with the eyes closed, then suddenly a loud noise or a sudden knock at your door disrupts the relaxation, and something comes forward in your head, Or maybe when palming for long periods of time and then slowly taking your hands away, in both of these times something comes forward in your head which was previously relaxed and calm at the back. I believe in both occasions a percentage of the attention went from the mind and was swiftly placed on the eyes. As though every thought is coming from the wrong place.

So the big question is how does one think closer and closer to where you imagine from? And in doing so, keep the attention effortlessly forever alive, with each and every natural thought.

Consider the two statements
I don’t know
I know that I don’t know


state your age incorrectly
Then state your age correctly

If stated with meaning the second of both cases should bring the thought deeper in the mind, and further back. And acceptance, truth, to know, or acknowledge is at the back while rejecting, falsehood to not know, confused or puzzled etc, brings the thoughts to the front.
This fraction of a change in mindset at first is considered fruitless, however this is the key to what bates is speaking of and this changes the vision greatly after a very short time if applied in every situation.

And I came to realise my previous long flashes months ago, where a result of knowing I was happy, or knowing my every movement, and so the vision always stuck for many days without me realising what actually was going on.

Simply know what you are doing, Every thought can be split into two categories wrong or right, and every wrong thought can be fixed very easily.
An example.. when angry or upset, know that you are, keep your control, know what you are doing, the vision should stay, I used to lose all of my progress at stressful times before but now with this I lose less than before, and soon after, it comes back most of the time.

A diffused person does things without properly knowing what he is doing.

At times it can put a person in a power full state in which the increased vision gets stuck for days, no matter what you do, as the thoughts are fixed and so vision stays for as long as the person knows it will or knows what he is doing and in doing so he keeps his mental control. Perhaps bates told his patients that the increased vision (of 20/20) will stay for good, as if they firmly knew it, then it would.

If the mind becomes weaker simply repeat to yourself your name and age truthfully. And know it is nothing physical that you are trying to do with your mind, so don’t attempt to hold the right thought in place in your mind, or force a thought anywhere, this will not work, as this was not what brought it here, just simply carry on your thoughts normally and naturally.

Happiness causes the thoughts to align to the back also, however to remain happy forever is impossible. But to simply know that you are sad/upset also aligns the thoughts and is easier to keep and use in all situations. To know is to accept and keep focused, to not know causes the person to lose his mental control or to lose focus of the mind.

Most of my normal thoughts (when not in a flash) are in the same way as negative ones, (I am speaking of myself). But when in a long flash my thoughts are corrected a little and so the harms of thinking deeply was lessened.
Once the thoughts are somewhat better it doesn’t need to be consciously maintained. Unless strain begins to creep back in somewhere, again it starts with a wrong thought.

I believe every exercise, like palming, imagining etc.. Is an attempt to align the thoughts back to its original place. imagination is simply a powerful strong right thought, as is happiness, and imagining a blue sun is a wrong thought, so it will result in strain. In the end it is the thoughts that will remain with us, and a thought is responsible for every flash or strain.

If a person can’t notice what is happening try staring with the eyes open and then closing them to imagine for example, a letter, repeating this again and again every few seconds until it becomes clear that the attention/thought is switching between the two (mind and eyes)

When we spend time in our minds deeply thinking etc.. our vision worsens, this is a clear indication that our thoughts are at fault, I am guessing people with 20/10 vision may even improve with the thinking process. Because they have mastered how to think correctly.

I used to believe deeply thinking is harmful despite one of the functions of the brain is to think. Many doctors have their eyes after years of being in their head, studying hard for years. The simple difference is in their ability to think correctly. Try to replace the thoughts from where you think, to from where you know, by replacing the thinking process to a more of a knowing process, and slowly improve this with time.

With this breakthrough in understanding, I had another few days flash a week after my last one which is better than every month like it used to be. I really thought this would take me to 20/20, as my vision got stuck at 20/30 for many times when my belief was stronger, and knowing how to think. However after a good two weeks of being more mentally focused my vision sadly slowly returned to 20/80 the past few days. But I have had many good patches through the past few days. And I have got it back this morning by doing this again.

During the correcting of the thoughts process, I noticed it brings with it, waves of relaxation over the entire body including the eyes.

Mental control may take a few minutes to grasp but once it is understood, everything makes sense.

These conditions of rest and unrest are reflections of the mind. In other words, they indicate the presence or absence of mental control. (bates)

We cannot by any amount of effort make ourselves see, but by learning to control our thoughts we can accomplish that end indirectly. (bates)

No matter what their degree or their duration their cure is accomplished just as soon as the patient is able to secure mental control. (bates)
Very sorry! not sure how it double posted. I think I double clicked submit. could it be removed David? Thanks

How and why this works, as it does sound confusing at first.

Vision is simply a matter of mental control, the opposite is losing mental control. Strain is the end result of the myopes pattern of mistakes. Strain is tightening of the muscles, but what causes this tightening of the muscles? Tightening of the muscles is caused by an effort, but what is effort and why do we use it? effort is only applied when we are unsure of what we are doing. We are only unsure of what we are doing when we think we will fail, or something is hard or we think we cant do something. By calming and knowing that it is hard or knowing that I might fail creates balance between the two. Always remain in control. Effort is the humans nature when in a state of unsurety. Effort will always wait as a close friend as soon as we become unsure. We can never escape this.

To know is simply a way of correcting our thoughts. Another way to describe this, is when a person takes a shot in snooker, or taking a swing in tennis, when he knows he has it, he takes control, relaxes and handles the situation fine, or even at times better than expected, when unsure or thinks he doesn’t have it, he reacts in a strange way, not only does he lose a part of mental control but he also loses control of the limbs, they tighten, added effort is clearly noticed, and the outcome is a mess. He misses but the first thing in this huge row of misfortune, is a simple little thought as bates says, he simply thought he didn’t have it, and as a result he never did. How big of a problem a myope has for such a small mistake in our thought process. We myopes are constantly in an unsure state. As a result many of our normal thoughts are channelled in the same negative way. To fix this we need to fix our thoughts by knowing what we are doing. When in this knowing, sure state. The thoughts are fixed and then we can swim, run, lift weights or whatever with no relapse, because the thoughts are fixed and that is how my vision sticks for days by firmly knowing and as a result it is going nowhere, only a mental stress of worry or anger etc.. will take a person out of this state, which happens to me at times. To know anything brings mental focus, If you cant know you have your vision, at least know the grass is green and the sky is blue. It is the same as knowing you have your vision. They are one and the same.

Another typical example is when many myopes remember an embarrassing moment they close their eyes and do this ‘escaping’ (blurring out of the mind) which is simply an attempt to not know it happened, (many myopes especially higher ones will know this feeling very well) on the other hand many perfect sighted people simply accept, know and some even smile and move on. I have noticed this so many times in people. These little subtleties give me a deeper understanding of what is going on. And so I am closer to understanding what mental focus is and how to achieve it.

Bates says 90% of vision is the mind and 10% is the eyes, the more I disregard the eyes the more I progress.
Quote:the more I disregard the eyes the more I progress.

During the last few days, I even started to 'suspect', that all that 'imagination thing' mainly serves to get your attention away from your eyes so that they can 'do their work without any foolish interference' from the mind....


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