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Toddler diagnosed with Hyperopia and Accomodation
I am new here and my name is Frank. My wife and I have recently been struck with the reality that our 19 month old son is farsighted. We have seen two doctors (a pediatric optomotrist and now, a pediatric opthomologist) and both have said that he is very farsighted. We initially went to the doctor because his left eye was turning in.

The optomotrist started us on patching his "good" eye, but the optho immediately prescribed glasses and said it was very important he get glasses immediately.

We have done plenty of research now on this and it seems that the glasses are going to prevent his "bad" eye from becoming inactive.

Our concern is that these glasses are going to hinder the natural development of his eyesight. Neither of us have eye issues but we have been researching natural alternatives to glasses. As he is only 19 months, eye exercises are just not possible.

If anyone on this forum has any advice on this it would be greatly appreciated. ARe we going to hurt our little one's eyes by putting him in glasses? ARe we going to hurt his eyes by not? Thank you in advance!
Absolutely worst thing to do is place eyeglasses on a child; the glasses will prevent the eye from correcting the wandering condition and they will cause, increase blurry vision for life; addiction to stronger and stronger glasses. Eyeglasses also impair brain development; left and right hemispheres, visual cortex and their function with the eyes, eye muscles. See the 'cross crawl', 'figure eight', 'long swing'... in my E-book. <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->; FREE. Also play catch with the child; throw, catch with one hand, then the other, then both hands... Le the child point' Pointing is a natural form of central fixation; looking directly at the object of visual attention. Also see 'The bead String' and write for addition pictures; how to move a light or colorful picture onto the bead; the wandering eye following it.

Was his crawling stage interrupted? Baby walkers block natural brain hemisphere development. The cross crawl and other activities can correct this crawling stage function. Let him practice crawling. It will integrate the brain hemispheres and then the brain works perfect with eye muscles. NO eye muscle surgery.

Any injuries, falls? Often kids grow out of strabismus. My niece did. She had injuries but overcame all. Same Here; I had many head injuries and a neck injury caused by a bad chiropractor and overcame the eye problems caused by this. You can do it!

See Dr. Bates and my books on google 100% view . Dr. Bates books are included free in the pdf's.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... &q&f=false</a><!-- m --> A new version of this book will be uploade dto google soon.
Thank you for your reply. I think he is still too young to actively engage in exercises and activities to help improve his vision. he is 19 months and we can barely keep him in one place.

His crawling was never interrupted. He did not walk until 14 months and we were sure never to put him in a walker and barely restrained him. He never had any injuries.

This started around two months ago. His left eye started turning in. Brought him to a recommended optrician and she started patching the good eye for 40 minutes a day. We started to see improvement, but all of a sudden last week it went back to turning.

Everyone we have spoken to about this has said he needs to be in glasses immediately. They say that if not, his brain could "turn the eye off" and he will develop amblyiopia. We have spoken with some families who always opt for natural treatment and they say the glasses fixed the problem.

We are so confused. We are responsible for him and we feel that if we don't put these glasses on him that his vision will be permanently damaged. Our plan was to do the glasses until he is old enough to do the necessary exercises to improve his vision.
Forgot to tell you; babies vision develops in stages. Maybe the hemispheres are still integrating; memory, imagination, debth... perception. I bet he just grows out of it. Any computer... video games? Intense 3-D television? That confuses the brain, espicially in children and has caused a lot of children's wandering eye conditions. You might also like Janet Goodrich books; I love all she teaches. I do stay away from the artificial 3-D; merging 2 objects into a 3rd by staring in space; it has caused people strabismus. Janet had strabismus and othjer eye problems and in 2 years cured herself. Her daught Carina now runs the business; The 3-D stiuff is in my book if you want a picture. Certain eye doctors use it in older childeren, people but a specific way for each individual so dont do it at hiome from a book. I the problems remains after he has grown more and has tried Bates method; you can find a good eye doc to try the 3-D. Go through Thomas Quackenbush fo rreferral.

No lead paint, chemicals... in the environment? eating soap..?

Amblyphobia can also be corrected by the Bates Method.

I still say the farsight glasses will cause many problems. Some doctors want to do surgery so they won't tell natural methods.

I would stay with the patch. Some kids prefer a baseball cap with flip up or down patch. Bates teachers always also work the straight eye too because if the wandering eye alone is overworked the hemispheres get un-balanced in other ways. You want to get equal clear vision in the left and right eyes.

Maybe he can do the shifting, switching close and far as shown in the book. You can Skype me to see how to do it. mary.oliver.981.

Thank you for your insight and recommendations! I will definitely be doing some reading and I will get back to you.

I don't have a child with amblyopia, hyperopia or esotropia. My daughter started having intermittent exotropia at 1.5 yo and it got worse over the years without treatment. It got bad to the point where her eyes were misaligned more often than not, and that was painful to go through. Doctors are very good resources so use them. Don't let them decided what is best for your child because they have differing opinions and motives. We ended up doing vision therapy at age 6 with an optometrist.
I have an experience with accommodative esotropia. In kindergarten, I attended an event in my daughter's class. I met a classmate of hers who had it. Without her glasses, her eyes turned in. With her glasses on, her eyes became straight. I thought that was magical. So we visited an ophthalmologist and got glasses for our daughter (she was also myopic). It didn't work for her strabismus. Most people who are dealing with strabismus go through a lot of pain socially.
Here are a couple of forums on strabismus that I find helpful: Prevent Blindness in America, and Eyesapart. I think Mary's suggestions on natural treatments are helpful also. Good luck.
Hi Frank

Helping children requires special care. If you are interested in natural methods, can you see if there is a teacher local to your area? Discussing in person will be helpful.

Also, here is a book that is meant for parents like you:
How To Improve Your Child’s Eyesight Naturally
by Janet Goodrich Ph.D

All my best, Sorrisi

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