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Already had lasik, have cataracts now, can Bates help?
I had Lasik surgery about 20 years ago for myopia while it was still considered experimental. Was great, until a couple years ago. My Medicare optometrist said I had cataracts, but not serious and wanted to give me a prescription for contact lenses which I declined. A year later, I now qualified for cataract surgery on both eyes and was sent to a surgeon. He told me because of severe astigmatism in my left eye caused by the lasik surgery, I was not going to experience the great success most experience with cataract surgery. But, for an extra $1800 per eye over the Medicare paid for lenses, I could do fairly well with the aid of glasses. I am a huge advocate of natural health and have started some eyedrops that a naturalpath said has cured cataracts in 40% of his patients. Then, I stumbled onto this forum and Dr. Bates. I purchased his book and Clara Hackett's Better Vision Now. With just palming and wearing a face mask at night, it seems that things are much clearer, particularly at distances. I am using Dr. Bate's eye chart and find I can see line 6 and parts of 7 at 10 feet in just a few days. I have noticed that my problem with reading road signs when driving is not just blur, but double vision. The question I have is whether or not the Bates method will work when the lasik surgery actually changed the shape of my eye? I am so sorry it never occured to me before the lasik surgery that there might be a natural fix for eyesight. My myopia was diagnosed at 10 years old.
Just typed 20 min answering this question. Then click submit and got error says 'you dont have permission to post on this server'. Lost all text. Must been the google spell check. Contact me for Skype help, I cant type all this again. Sounds like your onto something interesting. Be careful; no contacts! They can easily injure the cornea due to the lasik and more dangerous because of the astigm. and read this; move down page.
In single word, yes. The Bates strategy is an elective help pointed at enhancing vision. Eye surgery specialist William Horatio Bates credited practically all sight issues to periodic strain of the eyes, and felt that glasses were destructive and never fundamental. Bates self-distributed a book and additionally a magazine itemizing his methodology to assisting individuals unwind such strain, and accordingly, he guaranteed, enhance their sight. His methods based on visualization and development. He put specific stress on envisioning dark letters and marks, and the development of such. He additionally felt that presenting the eyes to daylight might assist mitigate eyestrain.
If you're seeing results from palming, the relaxation is benefitting your stressed visual system. More of this can only help. The rest of the Bates Method is like this too. Give your eyes what they need in the way of rest (palming is major here), food (natural sunlight, pleasant images and colors), and gentle exercise (looking in the distance alternated with looking near, for example), and then they'll be healthy and will function well for you. There is no guarantee, but I've heard of several cases where after a Lasik patient's vision started to decline again, Bates practices helped to regain some of it. It's basically free except for some time to educate yourself and a bit of money for books or paid lessons with a natural vision teacher if you choose that. For me it has opened up much more than my extreme nearsightedness, and yours doesn't sound that bad. If I were you I'd spend some time on it before seriously considering another operation, or contact lenses which will just reinforce habits of visual strain like glasses do.

About cataracts, one of the biggest impacts on me from Bates' original book was the visual of him squeezing the lens of a fish eye between his fingers to make it cloudy with cataracts, then releasing his fingers to let it clear up again. This convinced me totally that cataracts are due to strain, the squeezing of chronically tense muscles. So relaxation is the cure, not glasses or contacts! And even if someone gets a new lens surgically implanted and the cloudy one removed, the strain is still there, so the real problem hasn't been addressed.

Great video telling truth about the harm Laser cornea surgery causes.
I downloaded it before the eye surgeons pressure YouTube to remove it.

Embed it on all Forums, Groups, Blogs!

Lasik surgery is advertised as a nearly miraculous surgical method of vision correction. It has been estimated that since Lasik became widely available in the late 1990s, nearly three quarters of a million patients have undergone the laser eye surgery. However, many thousands of those patients have experienced serious complications, ranging from blurred vision to blindness. Some in despair have been driven to suicide.

Dean Kantis, creator of the website, is among the thousands of Lasik patients who have suffered life-altering complications. In testimony before the Food and Drug Administration, Kantis explained that as a result of the surgery, "I see double vision, halos, starbursts, [experience] fluctuating vision [and] dry eye syndrome." Yet he was told that his procedure was successful.

Is Lasik surgery a blessing, or a curse? How many patients have seen their quality of life adversely affected by what they had been told was a safe and effective vision restoration treatment? What are the risks of Lasik surgery -- and is the public adequately informed of those risks? Dean Kantis joins us today to discuss these important questions.

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I recently underwent lasik at Advanced Eye Hospital in India. I often wonder why so many people have bad things to say about lasik! It's so great to wake up and see without fumbling for my glasses! Off course you have to be very careful about your choice. Don't undergo Lasik if you just want to undergo Lasik at the cheapest hospital. Or at a place that does not insist on checking if your eyes are fit enough. Or places that do not have the latest technologies. Or under doctors who are not trained enough to know when it is not safe for you.
Even under the best of choices, the best hospitals, the best technologies, the best, most experienced doctors, there are outcomes that simply cannot be predicted. (hence the 10 page waiver one must sign).

I have two in my immediate family who underwent the surgery, one ended up getting stints in her tear ducts because of such a dry-eye condition developing. The other, experienced corneal abrasion syndrome, because the corneas waeren't healing properly, and reattaching to the lower layers. Waking up in the middle of the night with abrasions is very painful, and some have to undergo additional surgeries to correct the problem (micro punctures in the cornea) if it doesn't subside. Both were 'prime' candidates so they say, and went to very reputable, experienced places. Both cannot read up close anymore, use reading glasses.

What do you do if your vision gets worse. as has happened to many, and there's not enough tissue left to laser off to flatten the cornea?
Thanks again to arocarty for bringing important information to the public.

Often the side effects don't start to show until about 6-12 months.

I advise studying the Bates Method to keep the best clarity if you need help in the future. Read this below. Its new Directions, Warnings I am working on. "Is Natural Eyesight Improvement safe, effective after cornea lasik and other surgery. (As usual with my long posts on here; some are still in 3rd spell check, need condensing and might have a few personal editing notes, but here it is for now);


The Shape of the Eye, Cornea Fluctuates, Changes Often, Naturally. Contact lenses must not be worn before, during, after practicing The Bates Method, Natural Eyesight Improvement. Contacts will not fit the eye, cornea as it changes to normal, healthy shape and function with practice of Natural Eyesight Improvement. The contacts can scrape, infect, scar the cornea. This can occur even without practice of Natural Eyesight Improvement because the eye, cornea change shape on their own; relaxed=normal shape, sometimes during stress, strain=abnormal shape, then relaxed=back to normal shape. The eye, cornea also change shape when looking at close and far distances ‘accommodation, un-accommodation’ and during sleep. If the eye/corneas shape improves or becomes more abnormal, the contacts will not fit. Stop use of contacts before practicing Natural Eyesight Improvement and do not return to them. Contact lens drops, solutions are unhealthy. Blindness, loss of both eyes has occurred due to contact lenses and/or the cleaning... solutions being contaminated with bacteria, germs, chemicals... resulting in eye infections. Abrasion by the contacts increases the risk of infection.
Natural Eyesight Improvement Normalizes the Eyes Pressure, Improves Eye Health. If there is any eye problem, surgery.., the patient is taking drugs, eye drops, treatment for any eye condition, to lower or raise the eyes pressure, glaucoma, cataract, retina, vitreous... treatments; ask your eye doctor's advice first before practicing Natural Eyesight Improvement. Eye drops, drugs, medicine, treatments for eye pressure and other eye conditions may need to be changed, reduced, discontinued. The doctor must monitor the eyes pressure, state as the person practices Natural Eyesight Improvement. The doctor may not allow Natural Eyesight Improvement in specific cases when treatments, surgery cannot be changed to fit the practice.
Do not do antigravity, inversion, trampoline and other physical exercises, postures, movements if there is any eye problem, eye health condition, any eye injury, brain, body injury, condition, stroke. Example; detached retina, eye doctor’s treatment, surgery... to re-attach or treat, set... the retina or a blood vessel, nerve, lens, vitreous, cornea... Check with your eye doctor first before practicing Natural Eyesight Improvement or other practices.
Natural Eyesight Improvement Changes the Eye, Cornea, Lens Back to Normal Healthy Shape and Function.
If any surgery, treatment for the eyes, cornea, lens, retina.., detached retina or vitreous surgery... has been applied to the eyes; check with your eye doctor first to be sure the surgery, treatment and Natural Eyesight Improvement do not conflict, interfere with eachother, with the eye shape, state the doctor has set, fit the surgery, treatment… to. Natural Eyesight Improvement may help the surgery, treatment, help the eye to heal or it might work against the surgery, treatment because; Natural Eyesight Improvement brings the eye, cornea... to normal shape - but, the surgery, treatment may have been done to place, keep the eye in an abnormal shape, a abnormal shape it was in before the surgery or a new abnormal shape, state. Example; Retina surgery done on an eye that is abnormally lengthened due to advanced nearsight, many years wearing eyeglasses, may act differently if the patient practices Natural Eyesight Improvement and returns the eye to normal, round shape, normal eye pressure, normal fluid, circulation flow, normal retina shape... Will it help or knock out the surgery, treatment, break it or strengthen it? Can it help heal a detached retina or work against the surgery? If the surgery was done on a normally shaped eye, Natural Eyesight practice will probably help it heal but check with your doctor.
Same warning for eye cornea laser and other cornea, eye surgeries and some cataract surgeries. This includes artificial eye lens implants containing an eyeglass prescription. This places a permanent prescription in the eye. All surgeries that place a prescription in the cornea or eye, lens for nearsight, farsight, presbyopia, astigmatism, bifocal/multi- section... cannot be changed if the eyesight improves with practice of Natural Eyesight Improvement - or if eyesight becomes more impaired without practice. (Prescriptions are addictive, cause more vision impairment, increased mental, visual strain, abnormal eye shape ‘lengthened, shortened, irregular’.) Eyesight will be unclear; like trying to look through an incorrect, too strong or too weak eyeglass prescription. Only more surgery can change an eye, lens implant prescription and all surgery has risks. Doctors can place an artificial replacement lens without a eyeglass type prescription in it into the eyes after cataract surgery. The lens’ focus is the same as a natural lens, the lens natural prescription, in a normal human eye in normal shape that has clear vision. This enables the person the option of wearing eyeglasses or practicing Natural Eyesight Improvement. Eye doctors state that the eyes lens changes shape for clear close and far vision. An artificial lens might not do this resulting in unclear vision at one distance, but; Dr. Bates states “the eye changes shape to accommodate, un-accommodate for clear vision at close and far (all) distances”. Modern doctors state that both the lens and eye change shape. Doctors are creating a natural eye prescription lens (no myopia, presbyopia... prescription) that can also change shape, accommodate for close vision distances as the natural eyes lens does. Many people are opting for this natural type of plain, no eyeglass prescription artificial lens, if their eyes natural lens must be removed. It’s best to try to keep the natural lens in the eye, to remove only the cataract. Many people, often senior citizens who were not given these choices greatly regret accepting the artificial myopia or presbyopia prescription lens which forces them to wear glasses for one distance. The vision is progressively impaired by the eyeglasses and prescription in the eye.
More surgery on the cornea has a very high risk of injury, blindness. It further impairs the corneas health, structure, function, light refraction and control of light entering the eye. Avoid elective cornea surgery and cornea implants. The cornea, ‘a natural convex lens ‘ ( has a curve of 80% out of the 100% needed to refract (focus) light rays entering the eye, onto the retina. The convex curvature of the eyes lens ( ) refracts 20%.
Natural Eyesight Improvement After Cornea Surgery, Implanted Prescriptions, Cataract Lens Surgery with a Eyeglass Lens Prescription Implant May Not be Beneficial, Might Produce Side Effects as Described in This Article;
If the vision becomes more impaired as time passes after the surgery, the person might be able to do a ‘little’ Natural Eyesight Improvement practice to bring the eyesight back to the state it was in right after the surgery but; once practiced, Natural Eyesight Improvement tends to bring the eye, eyesight all the way to perfect clarity, perfect eye shape as the eye was long ago before any eye problems or surgery. This will cause the prescription in the cornea, lens, any prescription implant to be too strong, the eyesight will now be unclear.
For cornea surgery-IMPORTANT; If the eye changes to normal shape with or without practice of Natural Eyesight Improvement or changes to a more abnormal shape due to a surgically created eyeglass prescription in the cornea; the cornea will not be able to change shape with the eye and, because it is weakened, in abnormal shape, structure due to the surgery; it will experience pulling, stretching, tension and can tear, develop waves and other problems as it tries to change shape with the eye. Blurry vision, astigmatism, glare, cornea ulcers and many other eye, vision impairments can occur. Depending on the type of surgery; to flatten the cornea, steepen it, alter its curvature; the cornea will be too short, too long, irregular causing farsight, nearsight, astigmatism. Eye cornea, lens surgeries and eyeglasses do not correct brain hemisphere imbalance, dominance, tension in the mind, body that causes unclear vision at specific distances, other conditions. They increase the problem.
Dr. Bates healed cornea ulcers, scars. In time the cornea might regrow, repair-reverse its shape, structure back to pre-surgery condition but before this occurs, ‘if it can occur’; will Natural Eyesight Improvement help or result in vision impairment due to the conditions stated in this article? Can a little Natural Eyesight practice prevent more vision impairment and help the cornea regrow? Avoid all elective cornea surgeries. (Elective=not necessary, a procedure performed by choice, not essential.)
Read more directions, information and see the cornea surgery picture warning, many side effects, blindness... on the final pages of this book, in the E-books, the FDA’s website and websites created by thousands of people injured by cornea surgery; <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
People have regained clear eyesight after some types of unsuccessful eye surgery and eye muscle surgery but always check with an eye doctor first, an experienced Bates Method, Natural Eyesight Improvement Ophthalmologist, Teacher with many excellent patient references. People that had; cataracts, glaucoma, holes, fluid leaking in the retina, retinitis pigmentosa, strabismus, eye muscle surgery, cornea injuries, ulcers, scars and other conditions have regained good eye health and clear vision by practicing Natural Eyesight Improvement while working with a Bates Method Ophthalmologist and avoiding eyeglasses. Avoid eye muscle surgery. The Bates Method corrects Strabismus, crossed, wandering eyes naturally.

The Natural Eyesight Improvement student must get an eye exam by an Ophthalmologist to check the health of the eyes and a medical exam by a Medical Doctor. Choose an Ophthalmologist, Optometrist experienced with the Bates Method, that prefers to teach Natural Eyesight Improvement, discontinue use of eyeglasses, keep the eyes healthy and prevent use of eye surgery, drugs. Choose a Medical Doctor that prefers Natural Health Treatment. Some Behavioral Optometrists, Ophthalmologists are beneficial, others use harmful methods. Avoid eye doctors selling; laser and other eye cornea surgeries, drugs that are not needed, unnecessary lens removal/surgery, implanted prescriptions in the cornea, eye, lens, unnatural methods, force... to alter the eyes shape, orthokeratology and other methods using contact lenses to force the cornea to change shape (very harmful), eyeglasses (especially strong over-corrected eyeglass lenses), astigmatism sections in eyeglasses (maintains and increases astigmatism, causes cornea ulcers), contact lenses, bifocals (it’s better to have 2 different pairs/strengths of eyeglasses for different distances), multi-section, mono-vision lenses, tinted, colored, UV blocking lenses, sunglasses, lenses that darken in sunlight and lighten in lower light, all types of eyeglasses, eye muscle surgery for strabismus and the plus lens method.
Avoid unnecessary eye drops during eye exams. Eyedrops during an exam are used to widen the eyes pupil so the doctor can get a better view inside the eyes, check the eyes health. This may be necessary to insure a through eye exam but constant use of eyedrops on every exam impairs the eyes health. Lowered eye health may occur with just one use of eyedrops. The eyedrops paralyze the iris, ciliary-lens muscles, can affect other eye muscles, parts of the eye during the eye exam and after. Eyeshades have to be worn until the drops wear off. The paralyzed muscles... cause blurred vision, light sensitivity. I prefer no eyedrops when taking my eye exam. Eyedrops for dry eyes, redness are addictive, toxic, destroy the eyes natural production of tears and the tears structure; oil, protein, salt, water, nutrients, natural defense against bacteria, germs... Drug companies place harmful and unnecessary chemicals, toxins in eyedrops and various drugs for the eyes, for eye, iris... inflammation, tear production drugs and drugs for other medical conditions. Cataract and other eye problems develop from using the drugs. Eyeglasses add to this problem; glasses cause, maintain and increase cataract.
Another form of harmful eyedrops are used on new born babies to prevent germs.., certain forms of blindness. Many doctors state the eyedrops impair the vision and eyes health. Modern Natural Eye Doctor's are seeking a safe natural alternative to eyedrops, drugs. Chemicals in Sinus, Nasal sprays cause glaucoma, cataracts, color blindness, a variety of eye, vision impairment. Chemicals travel into the eyes brain, body. Sinus sprays cause sinus infections. Infection can travel into the eyes. Sinus infection impairs circulation in the sinuses, eyes. Sinus infections, congestion cause unclear vision, astigmatism.., can affect eye movement. Toxins, chemicals are placed in vaccines, flu shots, even our food, water supply.

Most Eye Doctors Prefer to Prescribe a Strong 20/20 Clarity and Stronger Eyeglass Prescription. This prevents Natural Eyesight Improvement, causes fast progressive vision impairment and addiction to stronger eyeglass lenses. A eyeglass prescription can only be prescribed for one distance. Example; for Myopia, far vision; the glasses (minus lenses) will be set for seeing clear at 20 feet. When the person looks at closer distances through the lenses, the lenses are even stronger, too strong, cause strain and impairs the vision. Even the 20/20 distance causes strain. Looking farther than 20/20 also strains the visual system. When looking at the 20/20 distance or closer or farther distances through the eyeglasses; the eyes natural accommodation, convergence, un-accommodation, divergence, light ray refraction-focus and lens... function, movement is prevented. These problems are increased when the doctor prescribes stronger than 20/20 lenses.
Eye exams are done inside in lower, artificial light. This lowers the vision when eyesight is already less clear than normal. Too strong glasses are prescribed. When the glasses are used outside in the sunlight, under normal conditions the glasses are much too strong. Exams are performed with unnatural tests using machines. The letters, objects in the machines ‘appear’ to be, but are not truly at certain far and close distances (a bit like the harmful artificial 3-D described at the end of this article) and the light in the machine is unnatural. Looking into a machine, mechanical or electronic device to test the clarity of vision blocks, impairs many natural eye, brain, visual system functions, limits body, head, eye movement, blocks ‘relaxed’ eye movements and natural light ray refraction, focus, causes temporary increased blur, astigmatism, a stiff neck.
The person is usually stressed, pressured to hurry and read the chart and children, adults may feel nervous in a doctor’s office. All these conditions temporarily lower the clarity of vision during the exam and results in an unnecessary eyeglass prescription and too strong of a prescription. Add the fact that doctors prefer to prescribe a extra strength stronger than 20/20. The end prescription is 2-3+ times too strong. All these increased, stronger additions to the prescription maintain blur that existed before the exam, increases, quickens vision impairment, interferes with, blocks Natural Eyesight Improvement, prevents the eyes, vision, (and brain function with the eyes, eye muscles, vision) from returning to normal, relaxed correct function with clear vision. More vision impairment, addiction to stronger and stronger glasses occurs. Glasses=tension, strain in the brain, eyes, eye muscles, neck, shoulders and body=blur. I also do not trust the new 'Eye Scan Machines’; abnormal light... into the eyes, onto the retina. The doctors say there is no radiation, but..?

Dr. Bates states that after years of examining thousands of patients eyes he noticed that the refraction (focus of light rays, clarity of vision) changes often, within minutes and this is normal and healthy. Perfect sight-20/20 and better is never constant. It fluctuates; clear, less clear and back to clear, has a natural easy ‘pattern-variation-flow’ of movements adapting to each new object, distance, situation, events, thoughts, actions, emotions, stress-strain, relaxation... The eyes normal function is to always return to perfect refraction, clarity. Vision fluctuates, its normal! When the mind, body, eyes are relaxed, sight is clear, eyeglasses avoided; noticeable fluctuations occur for a short time, are small and usually not seen. Eyeglasses prevent this, they cause, maintain and increase vision impairment, destroy the eyes natural fluctuating movement, circulation and health.
Dr. Bates states that even advanced cases of unclear vision (Example; 20/200 = the top large letter on the eyechart and all letters are unclear at 20 feet) are not permanent; they disappear, change back to normal 20/20 and better (20/10...) perfect clarity. Eyeglasses prevent this; the prescription in the glasses is set for one distance. (two... if bifocal is used but this is also harmful) The set prescription in the lenses forces the eyes to freeze up; the eye muscles, eyes, lens become stiff, movement is decreased, the brain-eyes-body ‘visual system’ is frozen, the eyes refraction is immobile, set to one unchanging refraction-light ray focus, distance, in a state of constant tension. It’s natural fluctuation, rhythmic flow, adaptations are prevented.
When eye exams are performed during a temporary fluctuation of clarity to less than perfect in normal eyes with clear vision; the person is given an unnecessary prescription. The eyeglass prescription maintains the temporary blur and increases it causing addiction to stronger and stronger eyeglass lenses. Same thing occurs when an eye exam is given to a person that has unclear vision, myopia, presbyopia... ; if the exam is done at a time when the vision is fluctuating, temporarily less clear than the usual state; an unnecessary increase in prescription strength is placed in the glasses resulting in more vision impairment. Add the fact that exams cause temporary additional blur and the doctor prefers to prescribe stronger than 20/20 lenses; the result is a very strong, unnecessary prescription, advanced vision impairment. Cataract, detached retina, glaucoma and other eye problems develop. Eye exams can cause slight temporary astigmatism resulting in a unnecessary astigmatism prescription.
Tension in the outer eye muscles places pressure, pulling on the eyeball, altering its shape; too long, short, irregular. This disrupts the focus (refraction) of light rays in the eyes resulting in unclear eyesight. (See pictures in this book.) The inner ciliary muscle and lens can be affected. The Bates Method relaxes the mind, body, eyes and eye muscles. This causes the eye to return to normal shape, light rays focus correct and vision is clear. The lens and its ciliary muscle also relax, function correct. Eyeglasses cause, maintain and increase outer and inner eye muscle tension, abnormal eye shape and unclear vision.

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