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Multiple images driving me crazy!
Hi folks,
I'd like any suggestion about this one. I know it's a good sign, but it's been this way for a year. Everything else is getting better.
So... how do I get all the 5 Ts to become one?
Thanks for having been such a help all the way,
I have the same problem with the double/multiple images. Did you ever do any exercises with the astigmatism wheel that Clarknight recommended? I read Leo Angart's book and he also suggest practicing with the astigmatism wheel to remove the double images. I went to Clark's site and looked at the wheel. I am curious what you see. I see this:
I see clearly the horizontal 3 lines. And it gets worse as I go around to the point that I see 4 vertical lines (only 3 actually) with the two inner lines dark while outer 2 are lighter. So I am seeing double images and the dark lines are created when the inner lines are shifted such that they are on top of one another.

The double images are not driving me crazy yet so I just haven't put any time into doing the astigmatism wheel exercises. Maybe I'm just too lazy....or busy.
Hey guys,

This double, triple... images appearing as the blur clears was posted by a couple other people in the past. Do search for double or multiple images...

Check your posture. Do the figure eight and long swing to remove neck tension. As the neck relaxes it helps relax the eye muscles. Sometimes one muscle relaxes slower that others and this can cause temporary harmless astigmatism.

David gave a reply. Nancy also abou the brains function aligning with the eye muscles... or something like that. Left and right hemispheres. Do the cross crawl, sway to activate, integrate the hemispheres. Try throwing, catching, kicking with left and right hands seperately then together. When my vision improved I kept seeing 3 letters on the 'walk' street crossing light. I shifted on the images, blink and they merged together. Sometimes blinking will make you lose the single image but eventually it will remain. Shifting on the most solid image merges them. Other times maybe any image. Let go, relax and then don't practice; Once you have practiced, then just let the eyes, brain pick up the correct funtion completely on their own. Read Deliverances recent posts in yesterdays Chat about 'doing nothing' as Bates teaches.
Hi and thank you both.
What David once wrote about shifting works, but then the image splits again.
I tried the wheel, but it's not as effective for me. I do it only when I want something other then the Snellen. The wheel won't fix my multiple images, cause it only fixes two* and I can sometimes get 20...
Guess I'll have to work on the neck tension.

Thanks anyhow.

*"Multiple images are attributed to astigmatism, though only two can be legitimately accounted for in this way, while some patients state that they see half a dozen or more, and many persons with astigmatism do not see any. It can easily be demonstrated, however, that the inaccuracy of the focus accounts for only a small part of these results; and since they can all be corrected in a few seconds through the correction, by relaxation, of the error of refraction, it is evident that they cannot be due to any organic disease. "
(chapter 14)
Many people report this 'seeing of multiple images' as the vision becomes clearer.

Another cause is; often people that have uneven vision in the left and right eyes state they see the multiple images.

If their eyeglasses have different strength lenses in the left and right eyes; even if the person improves the vision in the less clear eye and gets the vision equal, improved in both eyes and this removes the multiple images; when the glasses are worn again it reverses the improvement and brings back the imbalanced vision. Uneven lenses impair the left, right brain hemisphere function with the retina, eye muscles, impairs synchronized eye movement, convergence, divergence, accommodation...

When reducing your eyeglass lenses; try for equal strength in the left and right eyeglass lenses; use the weakest strength lens for the best, clearest vision eye , and reduced to 20/40 in both eyes. The lenses are equal strength but; the less clear vision eye will be seeing less clarity through the reduced lenses. The clearer vision eye will be seeing 20/40 clarity (eyechart 40 line at 20 feet for myopia) though the reduced lenses. The less clear eye will have to 'catch up' to the clearest vision eye to see 20/40 though its eyeglass lens.

If this is uncomfortable for some people due to the vision being too unequal in the left and right eyes or illegal for driving; stay with the uneven eyeglass lenses and just reduce them, but this can slow progress. Keep the reduced equal strength lenses to use in place of the uneven lenses as much as possible.

Remember to test the vision; if the less clear eyes vision improves a lot; the uneven strength lenses need adjustment or you may be able to comfortably use equal strength lenses in each eye or no glasses. As always; no glasses is best.

Practice shifting on close and far objects; both eyes together, one eye at a time, then both eyes together to get that equal, perfect vision in each eye separately and together. Practice this without glasses.
I also see double when looking smaller Snellen chart letters.
I've noticed that memory of a familliar object makes the doubles disappear. I need to keep it in my mind for more than a few seconds which is hard. I'm also practicing with my Snellen chart turned upside down. I got the idea from a book on drawing. The point is to make the left logical part od brain shut up and leave the job of seeing to the other one.
Interesting. Is the book; 'Drawing on the right side of the brain'? (if I remember the title correct.) Good book.

Try Dr. Bates method of (in your mind); shifting on and imaging seeing the opposite swing of a tiny black period.
Shift and see the swing; left and right, like a pendulum.
Then up, down, diagonally.

Have you tried shifting on a tiny astigmatism chart?
clarknight Wrote:Interesting. Is the book; 'Drawing on the right side of the brain'? (if I remember the title correct.) Good book.
Yes, that's the one. The countour and negative space drawing exercises are also great. I've noticed looking at the negative letter spaces is easier on the eyes as looking at the black shapes.

clarknight Wrote:Try Dr. Bates method of (in your mind); shifting on and imaging seeing the opposite swing of a tiny black period.
Shift and see the swing; left and right, like a pendulum.
Then up, down, diagonally.

Have you tried shifting on a tiny astigmatism chart?
I've done shifting and swinging on the Snellens chart, but no yet on an astigmatism chart. I'm going to give it a try and see how it goes.
Optometrist Harold Peppard's book 'Sight Without Glasses' has some interesting symbols, pictures; the brain can see them 2 different ways. It opens up all areas of the brain. I think its his book. Might be Clara Hacket or Corbett.


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