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How can I modify my prescription so my glasses won't...
I have had my new glasses for a few days now. You're right they do take some getting used to, they definitely feel different. It's strange though as I can see perfectly clearly through them even though they are half a diopter weaker then full strength. Does removing the AC make the lenses stronger?

I get a sense of being able to see more with these, things don't seem to shrink when I put them on, I mean they obviously must do because of the nature of the lenses but things just don't seem smaller. However my head feels different when not wearing them now, not sure if it's good or bad. I also get the sense that they tire my eyes. I will reduce the strength by another half a diopter in the future.

Has anyone else removed the AC from their glasses?
It's great that even though these are weaker you can see fine through them. You might have been over-prescribed which eye doctors often do, thinking they're helping by giving you very sharp vision. No, removing the astigmatism correction has no effect on the SPH value -- these are separate. Since astigmatism is one of the eyesight variables which shifts the most, in both angle and strength, it's possible the astigmatism correction in your glasses was all wrong for you now and removing it helped the glasses be more suitable for you. This is just a guess.

I forgot to mention earlier that another thing I like about removing an astigmatism correction, as long as it's not too strong so it's not a radical change, is that this helps makes wearing glasses and not wearing glasses feel more similar. I tell my students that they may wake up one day and not put their glasses on and be halfway through their day before they realize they don't even miss them! Not having the astigmatism correction there for your eyes to keep adjusting to, then un-adjusting to when you take them off, brings this future closer. Good work and please keep us posted on your progress.

Later update: even though these glasses are weaker, they will still strain your eyes. Any glasses will. It's possible you are becoming more aware of your eyes and how they feel, so are just now noticing the fact that when you put your glasses on your eyes hurt. This is a good thing! Remember to blink enough, and take your glasses off and palm whenever you get a chance.
My posture feels much better, and so does my jaw, it used to be quite tense with my old prescription, I found it tricky to keep my teeth together as though the tension pushed them apart, and it did weird things to my neck (still got my neck twitch though, which always is worse when wearing glasses). I think these glasses are not doing that, it all seems to be declining.

I'm definitely going to decrease the strength by another half a diopter though, and once I have them I will post another update (I'll also update if anyhthing else comes up with my current glasses).
Thanks for posting -- this is very good news. I'm wondering if the removal of the astigmatism correction helps keep your neck straight. You might have been unconsciously twisting to adapt to the former stronger prescription in just that one angle, like the concert musicians in the oft-quoted study who developed temporary astigmatism after bending over their violins all of a concert season. Cool! Yes, keep telling us this good news, which will help educate and motivate others, and keep up the great work!
The removal of AC definitely helps to keep my neck straight, I still have a problem of my head tilting to one side but I do have some sort of muscular problem that is related to my eyes (see the last paragraph of this post), the doctors are no help, and I haven't got around to having an MRI). One side of my head/neck goes slack and flops to one side, mostly when wearing glasses.

What I mean by it helps to keep my neck "straight" is I can relax my head backwards with my new glasses. That might sound strange, but I'm used to having my head seemingly pulled forward and I have always intuitively felt it was my glasses causing it (although I could never be sure). I can't thank you enough for this!

I do have a question though, prior to getting these glasses, for a few weeks I was practicing Dave's method, of focusing on a point and trying to get into the habit of maintaining it and developing it. I got quite good at it and it became relatively easy to do and maintain (it greatly increased my concentration too, so does wearing these new glasses I might add) but now with these new glasses it is hard to do, harder then it was when I first started. Is that normal?

Also when I attempt to focus on a single point it makes my neck twitch flare up considerably, I say that only in the hopes that you may have heard something like that before and have some information regarding it. If not, no worries.
I am new here but I am guessing then that I should be going without my glasses all of the time as my prescription is under 2.

OD: -1.25 Cyl: -0.25 Axis: 045
OS: -1.50 Cyl: SPH.

This was taken in March 2012 so I am due for an update. I wanted to work on the Bates Method for 3-6 months before I got my eyes re-examined. I am 33 and we eat clean and low carb, plus I just started taking a Lutein and Asaxanthin supplement last week also. I just started reading how to do the Bates Method last week and jumped right in; I've read his Perfect Eyesight book and am now on Meir Schneiders' Vision for Life. I have watched Yoga for Your Eyes on YouTube and and listening to Scheider's Miracle Eyesight Method audio program. So I am on to a running start.

I started wearing glasses in high school, which I find funny after reading Bates' book and he stating that eyesight became worse when a child's focus at school improved, because that is when my grades improved. I wear my glasses for watching TV & at the movies, and day and night driving; starting 3 years ago I now wear prescription sunglasses because we live in Nevada now (my husband is military) and dang it's so bright here. I am sunning twice a day and want to eliminate sunglasses as much as possible now that I realize I see clearer without them, due to their blocking so much light. I have been this week just wearing my normal glasses when I have to drive instead of the sunglasses, as I guess that is a start right. I have eliminated all indoor/around the house use of glasses and they are kept in my car just for driving, which I don't do much of. I am not wearing them outside the house at all or on walks. I recently started homeschooling our daughters and we don't do much running around. I am getting an eye chart for them to use with me so they keep too sight. The 1st thing they said when they started homeschooling in February is we are stressed less and sleep better, so yay!

My husband has 20/20 sight and our two daughters ages 8 and 10 do not wear glasses. I do a lot of reading on my Kindle (now on the smallest print size) and cross stitch (although I use a full spectrum Ottlight craft light) but am now taking more breaks and looking into the distance often as Bates says with lots of blinking.
You wrote
Quote:when I attempt to focus on a single point it makes my neck twitch flare up considerably
The first thing that leaps out at me (and I can always be wrong!) is that you're straining to look at the point, and the neck twitch is aggravated by strain. Have you noticed other times when it flares up, so you can find a common theme?

It's also possible the twitching muscle is chronically tight, and is twitching to release the strain which would be a good thing. As I said above, I'd observe when the twitching happens and what else is going on, and how I feel about it (relaxed or tense) to learn more.

The head tilting to one side could be re-adjustment from the AC removal, or a slight mis-alignment a chiropractor could help with, or "just" strain. I'd do gentle neck circles to see if I could loosen it up and balance it, paying more attention to the places where it feels stuck (similar to eye circles). Notice your habits too -- are you always leaning to one side to reach the mouse at the computer, for example, or your glass of water? Your body knows what's going on and will tell you if you keep asking questions and observing yourself.

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