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new member wants some advices
hello Smile

at first, i'm sorry for my english Big Grin

i'm nearsighted with (-1.5) prescription on every eye, i hate glasses and of course i dont use them. in fact, i deliberately broken them about 7 months ago. but maybe will need a new glasses to the night driving.

about a month ago, i have watched some videos about natural vision improvement in youtube, and i became very excited about the bates method. i began to change my life style and do some of the bates exercises. i have noticed just a little bit clearer vision after palming, maybe for a few seconds.

the problem is, maybe it's hard for me to relax, i'm an overthinker man, and sometimes i just think and feel i'm not doing palming correctly even though i have followed almost all the guidances. sometimes i just can't take that nice deep breath while palming, othertimes trying to drive out all that thoughts that comes to my mind.

Quote:Pinhole Glasses YSG Made in Germany! Stenopeic Eyetrainer UK Special modern Style
i have bought this pinhole glasses and it's very good, i'm using it for just some minutes everyday, because sometimes i find my self being too aware to the black lines, or seeing multiple image, it's so disturbing, it's hard to focus in all the parts of a big monitor with them.

maybe i need to relax more, in order to make a faster progress, and keep going, so this is my small experience. and i'm sure that you will give me some good advices Big Grin
I'm familiar with the overthinking - the mind has a tendency to not shut off, and just BE. Have you read the introduction on this site yet ? Have you read any of Bates' magazines, and book? That would be a good place to start. Just keep it simple. Bates was essentialyl very simple, he taught young kids the basic principles of good vision. And they just did it without analyzing. We get older, we want to over analyze everything.
thanks mr. arocarty, very useful replay, i'm going to keep it simple.

i have listened to bettereyesightnow audio CDs, read this site introduction, and some other articles for the bates method. i can't read large books because of my english, but i will try!

thanks again Smile

Your english is pretty darn good, no need to apologize.

You don't have to read any large books - that's not necessary to improve vision. In fact, IF you understand the method, you don't have to read any books at all. Understanding the principles of natural vision and being able to apply them effectively is all that counts. Bates once commented that a young boy summed up in 3 words what took him 500 pages to write: 'no use trying.' Effort is what ruins good vision. When we realize how we make effort, and how to stop it, you're on your way to recovering your clear sight.

Find a way that you can quiet your mind. If palming isn't comfortable, no worry, you can simply just close your eyes. Don't focus on what you're doing so much, let you mind be carried away to somewhere else. Listening to relaxing music, or something else you enjoy (books on tapes, for example), anything that takes your mind off of your eyes, and your everyday worries, is helpful. Do it regularly, eventually you will look forward to it as a time to get mental, as well as physical relief.
I´ve read in jacob liberman´s book one great advice: close your eyes for a while and observe your breathing then open your eyes slowly. Dont look at the chart. Let the chart look at you. Dont try to catch anything with your mind. Look at the letter and allow it to come into focus by itself.

As I was practising it my eyes were stinging and I had one really great clear flash.
I´ve realised how much I was trying to see even though I was trying not to.

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