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How to measure my diopter successfully on distance less
Hi, everybody!

I really like Bates method, but I have one question:

How to measure my 20/20 diopter on smaller distance of eyechart (about 4m)? I dont have space in my room for 6 m. But I want to keep eye on my progress everytime. I have nice big eyechart which I printed out, so it is not a problem.

What numbers to divide to be sure that I have 20/40 vision from that distance or even 20/20 (time for weaker prescription). I have only 4m the space for it. Please help me!

It will be nice if you tell me how to measure in meters not in feets (I am living in Europe), so I dont use feets very often.

Thank you very much!
Try maybe using the eye chart at 3 meters and multiply 2nd number by 2, so the 20/10 line on the chart will be 20/20 vision, the 20/20 line will be 20/40, the 20/40 line will be 20/80, etc.. 4 meters is more tricky.
Thank you very much, it is big help!
It's a fraction, so 20/40 is the same as 10/20 or 5/10, pretty much. I find the shorter distances have me lose more of the periphery (because the chart takes up more of my visual field), which I don't really like. Once again, there's much more to good vision than merely eyechart acuity.
one idea is to put a mirror on the wall and hold your eyechart from 3 meters and look at the mirror, so the distance will be 6 meters. other idea maybe you can find an eyechart that designed for 3 meters..

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