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Eye floaters
I have been getting these eye floaters since I've started using over the counter eye drops? I was using it for my dry eyes. The first time I used them I got no floaters the second time, I gained a few but ignored them, the third time I got alot and stopped using it. Why am I getting them? I don't think this is common. Btw I'm 15 years old.
Eye drops cause the floaters. Even 'chemical free' are not healthy. Stop use.

Learn the Bates method and blink, shift, yawn for natural tears.

If your in a area with dry air; use a warm steam humidifier with pure water, no chlorine.
If air pollution; use a air filter.

Eyeglasses can cause all types of eye, vision problems.
So how does one get rid of floaters? I always heard that they were proteins in the eyes.
Shift, central-fixation. See Bates magazines; click the links below. They are free.

Bates says are illusion caused by strain. Yes is debris in eye but; Bates is right because when we use the eyes 'vision' correct, relax; the brain shuts off the appearance of floaters.

I had alot head injuries and big floaters in eyes but; use vision relaxed, shift.. and I rarely see them and vision is clear.

Diet helps, cleansing but sometimes more appear before body completely is cleansed.

Some floaters are different and need a eye exam. Do that just to be safe. Detached retina, eye injury, years wearing stronger glasses can cause them but floaters are usually harmless. Many people have them but dont realize it until they start to us ethe eyes incorrect with effort, strain.


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