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Help please, is this a clear flash and what is causing it?
I have a prescription of -4 in both eyes, and just recently stumbled upon the Bates method.

I've been going without glasses for 3 weeks now, and this week, I noticed something odd. While on the computer, I normally have to go really close to see the words, but lately Ive been trying to see the screen from a farther distance, and noticed that at times, after I blink and focus in on one part of a letter, I can see everything crystal clear. During this time, I am keeping my eyes almost pried opened, but once I blink, everything goes blurry again.

I want to ask:

1) is this a clearflash?
2) what is causing it? the blink/eye lubrication? central fixation?
3) why does it go away after i blink?

Thank you so much!
Yes, it's a clear flash. What causes it to appear, and go away, is the same thing -- your visual system is re-calibrating itself, freed of the glasses, learning how to see naturally again. Keep up the practice and the flashes will get longer, and more frequent. Nice going!


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