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New to the Bates Mehtod, please help!?
Hey Smile So I didn't do the Bates method earlier because people were telling me how it's a waste of time and doesn't work but so many people on here have said how it does, so I have a few questions!! It would mean a lot if you could help me out!!

1) Do you do all the exercises with your glasses on or off? (except palming)
2) What is the most useful eye exercise?
3) Besides blinking and palming and the swaying one what other exercises are there?
4) How long do you do each one for?
5) When do you do it? and do you do it once a day?
6) Is it better to spend periods of time without your glasses on?
7) When do you start noticing improvements? I heard it take atleast a month for even signs of improvment
When you start in earnest, you will see clear flashes from the very first day/week. There is something you need to understand to be able to avoid months of useless toil. The bates method is not about eye exercises. It is not about what you need to do to see well, but rather its about what you are doing to see that you need to stop. Essentially, it is a wrong form of thinking that you act on in attempt to force yourself to see better. This always fails and makes the pain worse. Save yourself some time by reading the chapter in Bates book about strain FIRST and do you best to understand it. Without this proper perspective in mind, you will simply be struggling and wasting your time. This is not a problem to be solve by herculean rites of effort, but rather quite the opposite. Its about being aware enough that you can detect the tiny, quick wrong thoughts that cause you to react in fear and strain, struggling to try to force them problem away: but ultimately it just makes things worse.

I know this sounds ridiculous at first- I couldn't believe that it was what I was doing that was causing the problem, rather than what I was not doing. I thought it was about re-training yourself to see. But that was also wrong, its about stopping one bad habit, thought of using effort to see. Seeing well happens naturally and automatically, the only reason it doesn't is because you interfere consciously or unconcoiusly with it. After-all, you do not need to use effort to hear a snap of the fingers or smell your food correct? The vision is the same way. The bates method is about finding out what you are doing to interfere with the seeing process, and figuring out why and how you are forcing it.

Good luck, and realize that seeing well is easier than seeing badly- it might take you awhile of experimentation to realize this, but ultimately it will help you arrive at the answer with much less pain and toil.

Bates suggested to get rid of your glasses if you can. I am a low myope so I can go without them all the time- but high myopes might have to compromise. At the very least, you may not need to use them while indoors. The goal is to become less reliant of them over time and finding the mental habit that causes the problem in the first place.
I am new to the Bates Method also (I'm Myopic), 2 weeks going here, and the most important things I can stress are 1) only wear your glasses when you absolutely have to to function or drive, 2) RELAX, and 3) read the books. I am on my 4th vision book (Bates, Quackenbush, Huxley, Schneider) and 99% of my questions were answered by them; anything else I have found answered here on the forum.

People will say that the Bates Method is a waste of time because they think it should bring about magical results by just following a formula. Aldous Huxley hit the nail on the head simply in the title of his book on the subject - "The Art Of Seeing". Seeing clearly is the result of rediscovering that relaxed mind-set which a person had before their eyesight started to fail. Eye "exercises" as suggested by Dr Bates only serve the purpose to point your mind in the right direction towards releasing strain. If any of Dr Bates' teachings are applied in a tense or straining way, they will not work. Vision improvement is a personal journey which is not for someone looking for a quick fix. I suppose it is a bit like religion - it is only as effective as the person who practises it.

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