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Sunning Safety
Hi everybody!

Does anyone know, in practice, whether Sunning can increase the risk of cataract?

I'm planning to do exercise more often especially because my pupils are constantly dilated. I also noticed that when I partially close my eyes, I see sharper. Anyone with the same impression? I've had this condition since I can remember.
Stick with closed-eye sunning to be safe, turning your head from left to right and back, letting the sunlight fall on your closed eyelids. Then maybe progress to opening your eyes briefly at the far left and right ends of the rotation where there's no direct sun, but use your common sense. This should feel gentle and relaxing, not like you're forcing things. Focus on relaxing your face and eyes: many people fight the sun even with their eyes closed, which is straining and tension you don't need.

Partially closing your eyes to see more clearly is the pinhole effect, similar to squinting, a cheat and not recommended. If your pupils are constantly dilated, my first thought is long-term high anxiety which was my own case in childhood. I was always on the lookout for "the predator"! If this feels like it fits, any relaxation practice will be a big help, as it has been for me. I'd suggest palming, or soothing practices like tai chi or meditation.
Remember to keep the eyes moving 'shifting'.

Too long looking at the sun; colored spots in visual field can occur lasting for days, months.
Done correct; Bates says it can cure cataract, but also stop use of glasses.

Never wear glasses when sunning.

Nancy; thanks for the quick reply for muscle, tendon question! Will be contacting you soon. Any info. you can get about the ankel prob. is appreciated.

Speaking of joints, muscles; reading fine print helps improve all eye and eye muscle functions and this helps circulation in the lens area of eye and lens function, health.


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