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Question about central fixation & relaxation
I have seen everyone saying correct central fixation is 'letting go of your peripheral vision' ? That worries me. Will that mean my sight in my peripheral will be blurrier? Also. Relaxtion is a lot to do with natrual eyesight improvement. Does this mean as soo as my relaxation is gone my eyesight will go back to how it was before?
Sorry, this should have been posted in bates or David's method. Haven't really gotten the hang of this lol.
Letting go of your peripheral vision should actually make the centre of your vision clearer, but your peripheral vision won't suffer. If you have eccentric fixation you will find that things in your peripheral vision are clearer than the centre of your vision - the thing you are directly looking at. This is the wrong way around, but I find that just being aware of any eccentric fixation helps to bring relaxation and the fixation tends to centralise a bit as a result. Lately I have found this to be quite an easy and powerful technique in bringing improvement to my eyesight. Don't try too hard to let the peripheral vision go as this could result in trying to block it out. Being aware of your peripheral vision is an important aspect of clear eyesight, but there should be a difference in the level of attention between these fields in that more attention is on the centre so that the centre is seen clearer than the rest. The illusion this creates is that everything appears equally sharp, so there should not be an obvious blurring of the peripheral vision. This is what I think anyway and I am speaking from experience of clear flashes where although I know that I have achieved central fixation, everything in my field of vision seems to be very sharp.

The level of relaxation you have tends to be a chronic state. If you are chronically strained, then times of achieving relaxation in view of eyesight improvement will be short lived. This is the big challenge to most followers of Bates Method, in my opinion. It is not a big deal to bring about a temporal relaxed state and see an improvement in your eyesight through Bates techniques. At first it will be a big deal, but frustration tends to follow as every time you relax into clarity, force of habit causes strain again. There is a need to persistently work on that chronic strain until it becomes an enduring state of relaxation. Relaxation of the mind (which is what Bates Method is really all about) is a subtle thing and not to be confused with being under pressure or any other stresses we tend to experience. They do aggrevate the problem but they are not the sole cause, and it all depends on our inner reaction to these stresses anyway. I am still working out what mental strain is, and although my level of mental stain is decreasing and I have moments when it disappears completely (as evidenced by a clear flash) I still cannot pin-point exactly what it is.

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