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shocker's journey to 20/20 master race
Yea, I have felt a lot of muscular activity when looking at small lights (whether it's a larger light source in the distance or a small light source closer up.) It happens if I fix my gaze upon them for a longer duration. They move in and out of each other or extra ones spontaneously appear etc. I do think it would be very effective to come up with a way of working with this in order to correct the vision. The dots of light do give a very clear sense of the continuing movement of the eye muscles. Perhaps it would be good to see how the dots behave when thinking certain thoughts!?
Yes I am interested to see what happens if we try different thought patterns while looking at the light. Personally using imagination/mind has been my weak spot in this vision journey so not sure if I can personally test this effectively. But will try anyways.

Another observation I had is that at a closer distance, but not so close where I see it perfectly, I see only 1 clone and the original and they're both just as bright as each other. If I move further back I see more clones but that one clone and original usually are brighter than the rest. I believe only 1 may be caused by astigmatism, and the rest simply by eccentric fixation or something else.

I remember reading in one of the ebooks on david's site that astigmatism physically isn't capable of producing the dozens of clones that we see when looking at a dot of light. Like it only accounts for 1 or 2 tops. So this most likely is an issue with the mind.

Anyways here's the ideas so far for playing with the dot of light:
- use music to induce certain emotions. I could do this with instrumentals from my favorite movies/anime to bring memories of specific scenes. Certain songs also remind me of times when I used to blast that song so it can sometime bring me into the state I was in during those past times. Maybe altering the emotional state of your mind while looking at a dot can change the way they diverge/converge?
- thoughts as you said. Maybe you can test this one and possibly expand on this?
- mechanically. Like shifting above/below or left/right of the light. I've been testing this one and have been getting mixed results. When I use it on a LED clock in a dark room, sometimes after shifting I can see a crystal clear clone . I also notice a lot of movement amongs my eye muscles. But boy does it take a lot of mental stamina to keep doing it, even if only for a minute.

I remember bates had a patient, some lady who took pride in how she could see multiples of an object. She was intentionally forcing it untiil she became myopic. I can't seem to find the section where it was, it may have been in stories from the clinic. Would be cool if anyone can link me if they know. Also more material in dealing with multiple images (more than 3-4) would be great.
Lately what I found helps is to keep track of flashes. I just have a running count that gets reset daily, In order for a flash to count, it has to last for 3 major shifts. So if I suddenly see a street sign come into clarity, I'll shift to say another stop sign and/or a license plate nearby. If the clarity remains then I count it. I get most of my counts during my commute to/from work, possibly because during that time it's easier to keep track or it could be because flashes are more abundant when I'm walking out in the sunshine verses being indoors.

When I first began this I could barely get up to 5. WHen I read jimbo's post about just letting your imagination fill in the image, I was able to get up to 12. Now my biggest jump lately is in the upper 20s due to 2 things I started doing out of frustration.

1) Embrace the "strain". I now look forward to the moving strain I discussed before instead of trying to avoid it. I think since there's so much emphasis on relaxing and stopping eye activities at the sight of strain, I began avoiding too rapid shifts and became really self concious of my vision. Now no matter how much the strain bothers me, even if it gets painful, I just act as usual as if it doens't exist. Sometimes this can be difficult because the strain takes up more of my attention than what I am seeing. When this happens I just take notice that my baseline vision isn't any worse so it doesn't make any sense to think negatively of the strain.

2) Stop voluntary blinking. From what I've gathered on this site and Bates' book, when in doubt take a few blinks. I'm sure this helps many people due to the accounts I've seen on here, but for me personally blinking ended up making me rage because I would get undesired results such as rapid movement of my strain or breaking of fusion. When I was experimenting with the dots of lights I mentioned in my previous post, I noticed that the involuntary blinks had minimal to none undesired effects. My fusion was still intact and I didn't lose the spot I was focusing on. So now most of my blinks are involuntary. When I want to close my eyes I just wait until an involuntary blink comes up (I can usually anticitipate them) and jsut hold it longer than normal.

Some other insights since tracking flashes:
- much more abundant in sunlight
- Most of the flashes that I've taken notice of have occurred outdoors. This could also be because I'm less likely to track them in doors.
- Had some more super flashes. Basically these are when your entire visual field clears up within a split second. It's like walking into another dimension, a dimension of clarity.
- Flashes usually last about 3-10 seconds. One of my super flashes lasted like 40 secs. Almost thought I was fully cured there hehe
- Haven't had a flash survive the voluntary blink test
- sometimes I can prolong the flash by focusing on people's faces or actually reading a sign instead of trying to see clear letters

I hope by keeping track that I get some practical gains before snowboard season comes. Hopefully I won't have to wear glasses to drive hehe. But man sometimes fighting too many demons at once can be exhausting. I'm also taking half my dexedrine dose alongside not wearing glasses. This has caused me to seek other vices to make up for the dopamine defecit, such as pleasure foods or over indulging in time wasters like reddit. To prevent this from getting worse I've stopped using my ipad and cellphone. This was also affecting my vision progress as well because I'm supposed to keep a screen at a distance that challenges me but I would cheat by lying down on the couch and using these mobile devices a lot closer to my face.
Some updates

- I think I figured out what the swing is. I noticed it actually on my first day but I thought it was too obvious to be what I was supposed to see. When doing the long swing, you have to just let things be and notice how still objects are moving as you turn your head. My guess is that once someone gets improved eyesight, they'll be able to notice more finer objects swing by

- Shout out to Ted for telling me to dodge. I took this technique to heart and literally walked around just yelling in my head to prevent myself from staring. It really puts into perspective how much movement your eyes need.

- I figured out my weak link. Surprisingly the eye that's supposed to have better vision. My left eye is prescribed at -4.25, whereas my right is -4.75. But I'm beginning to think that my left eye is the inferior one for these reasons
1) I had purchased reading glasses with this new prescription minus a dioper, and it was straining for me to see, but when I got an evened out prescription for each eye it was much better. So this invalidates this prescription entirely.
2) I'd say most of my flashes, probably 8/10 times it's just the right eye alone. If I cover my right eye the clarity immediately dissipates
3) I have an unconcious tendency to cover my left eye when reading
4) If I cover one eye and try to read, I get differing results. When my left eye is not covered, I get really long and obvious unconscious shifts and it's extremely difficult to read while everything is moving to such a degree. At this same distance, with my right eye exposed the shifts aren't so obvious and I have to think about them to notice them. Reading is obviously much easier. The white background of my computer screen is whiter with my right eye.
5) Most of my strain is usually around my left eye. I say usually because as I mentioned before, the strain is always moving around so sometimes it goes towards my right eye.

I'm beginning to put more focus on my left eye when doing vision training. My right eye can get flashes like it's its job. I remember Clark mentioning that once the 2 eyes are equal, improvement comes much faster.

- I'm not practising as much as I can and as I should. I guess the lack of linear progress is annoying.Though I do practise all times in general, like when I'm walking or taking a break from work, I think i need some more routine. Still figuring this part out.

Until next time.
Thinking on this.

Maybe Shocker has more than one level/type of strain-tension.

#1; First strain-tension that occurred right before glasses were prescribed.

#2; More and other occurred from glasses.

#3-4; Long time use of glasses caused more disruption of the visual system, vision; more strain-tension and; worrying about it, or just trying to figure this all out to correct it causes more tension.

'Maybe' you have released or partly released two levels; #4 and 3.

Now when you relax and the vision doubles...; your brain is trying to go into 'reverse' to #2, then #1 and then to zero strain-tension.

I think the glasses are blocking these final steps. Removing the astigmatism prescripts and using only weaker or no glasses will help.

Note; some people with double vision or strabismus experience more or different types of the condition after doing the long swing. This occurs because the brain, eyes are learning, trying to return to perfect function which the long swing induces. A re-organization occurs.

I've begun to think the same thing. I feel as if my myopia would be mostly cured by now if it weren't for some other level of strain. I say this because even when I get a clear flash I still feel some level of strain .

As for not wearing corrective lenses, I've been wearing NO lenses since april. I'm going to try wearing reduced lenses without astigmatism correction for reading because being unable to read/drive is affecting my quality of life.
I Shocker,

I keep thinking about your case and ideas pop into my mind.

Question (if I didn't ask in past); Did you have the eye muscle feeling and double vision... before wearing glasses? If no, then it's the glasses over the years. That's good, will be able to correct it! If not, we can also figure that out.

Have you tried the pinhole glasses? I am curious if the problem exists when wearing the pinholes. If it disappears or is reduced that will narrow the questions, causes down; probably is the light rays, eye still returning to normal shape, eye muscles still relaxing. Choose pinhole glasses with the normal holes. No tiny holes looking like no holes. The pinholes won't block all conditions so this may not be a exact test.

I am keeping list in my pocket of all ideas, tests to try that pop into my mind and will post her eon this thread. Or another if I get tired and forget where to post but it will be on a Shocker thread.

Try this;

Walk, dance with eyes closed, sense your way across the room.

Memorize the room first so you don't walk into anything.

Then do up close, again in imagination.
Sorry Shocker; I sent the wrong video; meant to send the short video no kissy stuff. Sorry Ha-Ha.
Close your eyes and walk. (In a place you know in memory where tables, desks, chairs... are.
Notice how the imagination works. Relax and walk with eyes closed.)

After doing this in your room;

Imagine your walking into the north end of Boston, MA where the pizza, food is the greatest worldwide after hanging out south on the fishing boats, piers sneaking a sandwich to a seagull; Remember the experience;

As you realize his size, strength, you decide it's the last time you will feed him, but your addiction to him, his ways brings you back; he is maintaining flight in mid air, looking directly at you, moving close, hoping for a snack from the Boston train station restaurant. He's aggressive, as is his nature to survive and you draw back, you are trying understand him, he only wants food, or, a friend? You want friendship. You sneak him another snack, hiding from the signs that state; "Do Not Feed The Seagulls."

The Wright Brothers studied birds, their physical structure and flight.
Here's the orig. video;

Shocker; I went to ear doc today after 3+ years no ear doc (afraid to go after all the injuries in past caused by chiropractors) check up after neck injury caused by chiropractor in 2009. One test, maybe blowing? in my ears may have caused some weird vision effects. I told them about the Chiropractor caused injury. Now few hours later, seems ok.

Doctor said neck can affect eyesight...

No wax, even though congestion. Must be usual Worcester, MA air.

- This whole vision improvement process is such a rollercoaster. Sometimes I'm making strong strides, other time I feel so hopeless.
- Few days ago I had a day where I had many flashes. What was odd that the day was foggy. I realized that this may have happened because I had tea in the morning. If you recall, I've been trying to cut down on stimulants. I think just by having that tea I was more alert which usually results in better vision. I'm considering on going back on stimulants. Vision alone isn't my issue right now, it's motivation to do well... anything. I'm going to stay off the dexedrine and try supplementing with green tea or black coffee.
- had a dream last night where I looked in the mirror to see my eyeball being morphed with a red streak across the center. Yesterday was a low for me. It was like I have no escape from the strain. I read in bates how palming can give you temporary relief. Nope, closing eyes even with palming strains me worse. The only relief I ever get is if I distract the strain by putting my hands on my eyes or stuffing my face in a pillow.
- whenever I get down, I just go through previous posts on this forum. It's eerie how nearly identical some people's experiences are to my own. It gives me hope that people experiencing the same things I am ended up having improvements. Ho from vietnam's are especially motivational since he made it all the way from 20/200 to 20/20. I always find something new that I missed on previous reads.
- Today I put my ego aside and moved my desktop monitor much closer to myself. Before it was all the way back on my desk. Now It's about 37cm from my torso if I relax on my chair. I would have to lean in quite a bit to read text. I think it's more important to be able to relax and read text.
- I've been able to induce "Snellen flashes" almost as will recently. I call them snellen flashes because only the snellen chart flashes clearly. Whenever I shift away it immediately disappears. These flashes are different from the ones I get outside or when just reading my computer screen. They're usually preceded by an audible snapping sound when I blink my eyes. I think the sound comes from tears building up in a certain area and my eyelids releasing the pressure. Not sure though because I can't really feel my eyes being too watery. Anyways I think these flashes are strain induced and I probably should stop practicing them.
- long swings are kind of easier if instead of keepng my gaze centered I focus slightly on the direction I'm turning my head/body. So if my head is all the way right and I'm turning to the left, I pretend my vision is now coming out my left eye and swing my way across.
- sometimes when a flash is just forming, if I focus on points where it's easier to notice a change in clarity (such as sharp lines, or the asphalt if I look down), it raises the chances the flash fully forms instead of stopping half way.
- I notice I'm avoiding many things due to bad vision. One in particular is reading, because I have a habit of only reading a book once, and if I read it with shitty vision I'm most likely going to have bad retention of the contents. I'm going to try reading books I really don't care about retaining, like fiction or something. I'll just save the self-improvement/business stuff for when I'm 20/20 master race. On this same note one thing I tried when I was rriding passenger in a car was to pretned I was driving. Turn my head as I normally would during a turn and make gestures as if I was the driver. I flashed quite a bit... possibly because I was focused on false driving. I've only tried this once so I don't know if it was a fluke. I'm going to ask someone to take me to a secluded road so I can try actually driving and see if it helps.
HI Shocker,

Been working on final book editions for next year.

Placing some new stuff form chapters onto website and condensing the method, practices best can for now;

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Shifting and different ways to use and relax with nosefeather.
THx clark.

Another update

- Went on long drive today (obviously I wasn't driving), and I had some tea/coffee today. I think what I realized is how much mental willpower practicing vision improveent takes. It's really hard to keep going on when the strain seemingly increases, and I lose focus and am unable to even notice the minor imporvements I get. This may not apply to many people, remember that my brain is already warped due to taking dexedrine over the years.
- I had some success today in noticing MINOR improvements in my vision from my baseline (worst possible) vision. Before I'd only take notice only if a flash happened with major improvements. I recall bates mentioning a lot of vision problems can be cured simply by "demonstrating" to yourself that certain habits make the vision worse whereas certain habits make it better. So if I notice even the minute improvements then I can demonstrate more?
- I think my eyes have a closed strain state and open strain state. So normally I have trouble closing my eyes and relaxing; closing my eyes leads to more strain. Today I was sleep deprived so I was dosing off, it was hard at first because my eye lids wanted to drop but my strain kept popping them back up. But eventually the opposite occurred after a little nap. My eyes wanted to stay closed and it was difficult keeping them open. After shifting around a bit and viewing the scenery , I was able to revert to the want-to-be-open state. I don't have too much data on this, I will keep track of this to see if it remains a consistent occurance.
- I think I need to focus on practicing exclusively in distance vision to start out. As clark mentioned earlier I may have many layers of strian, and I'm beginning to believe 1 layer is related to having my eyes converge while other strains remain. Going back on what I said earlier of noticing smaller improvements, it's really difficult to notice small improvements for short/mid range but in further range (20-30 feet and beyond) it's a lot easier because I don't have my fusion breaking which throws me off. Since my eyes don't have to converge as much, it also means I have less to worry about.
- Sunlight makes it much easier to notice minor changes in vision quality.

Has anyone noticed this?
Whenever I'm practising shifting or messing with eye chart, I notice really random yet specific memories appearing in my mind. Like I'd be totally focused on teye chart, then I'd suddenly remember riding my bike at a certain park. Other time I remember writing an exam in a specific building for a specific subject. I just thought this was interesting.... maybe it means I'm doing something right since seeing and memory go hand in hand?
Hey Shocker,

Yes, keep remembering how you felt... when a clear flash happens. Not just right then but also what you been doing recently. Sometimes clear flashes occur the next day... after practicing, new diet, work...

Strain during sleep or closing the eyes; Bates mentions that. Says to do long swing before sleep. Remember; some people develop more or different strabismus, convergence problems when first doing the long swing as it is coordinating the eye muscles, brain hemispheres.

I still get weird head feelings, sometimes eyes creepy feeling when first close eyes to sleep but only when brain starts to drift and daydream as enter deeper relaxation toward edge sleep. Its the neck, eye muscles relaxing, 'trying to' as goes through stage from active to sleep. Seems to occur as soon as the brain starts to dream a bit. When injury was worse, it would jar me awake with shaking eyes, dizzy, almost blindness, double vision; not dark blind but a white out blind. Takes about 3, sometimes up to 5 attempts at closing eyes, drifting to sleep before the spasm, crawling muscles... stops and can drift over that level to deeper sleep without being forced awake. Docs is say due to injury of c1, 2, 3, 6, t1... Extreme neck muscle tension and eye muscle tension trying to suddenly release. Almost like that snapping muscle thing you told me about. (If that was you? Got 3 people helping now all with about -4 -6 and similar, mixed conditions.) The injury caused by those chiropractors still has effects after 3 years but less and less as time passes, it heals. Slowest healing injury ever had. For you; glasses and the medicine you took may have caused neck muscle tension or lethargy? Neck tension travels into the eye muscles. It WILL heal.

Your experience of thoughts, memories occurring when using the eyechart might be due to relaxation occurring if your using the chart correct; using Bates method, you relax, brain starts drifting. Like when you sit back, look out the window and just let the thoughts go free. Stress, anxiety can also cause this and variations. I like this lady's course, books Free in libraries); She gave me a 350.00 course for free! Was on Oprah, free to a black lady that had incredible stress.

I found another thing you might like. David has Ethel's book online. There's a chapter where you place a pencil point facing, on your nose and move it close and far and up, down and notice when the pencil doubles; convergence, divergence goof up. Here's the section; pg 26, Imbalance;

Dexedrine; oh! ok, I did not know this, or forgot. So, that may be why the eyes are taking a bit loner to move correct, perfect vision. Hang in there. Ask your doctor about taking vitamins for nerve healing; B-12 rebuilds the coating on the nerves. B-1. Niacin B-3 helps rebuild the nerves, brain... Niacin has flushing side effect. Careful if any liver, stomach condition. I take just a tiny part of a pill. Careful with B-6; it can cause nerve injury. Doctors say to take B's in complex but I hate the chemical man made form and the B-6 is often too much. I like turkey; many nerve binding nutrients. Try get all from food.

Lot to do today working with a new lady so will re-read this later and answer any questions I missed.


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